Pool Pumps

  • 21/80 and 80/50 GS Series Pumps

    21/80 and 80/50 GS Series Pumps

    The Speck 21/80 and 80/50 series are the largest plastic swimming pool and industrial pumps in the Speck range. The 21/80 comes with a giant 6 litre strainer and both pumps have 80 mm suction and discharge ports. These pumps are ideal for high volume vigorous swim systems and commercial applications where large volumes of water need to be moved quickly. The 4.0 and 5.0 HP motors efficiently move more water than other pumps of a similar size. Features include:
    • High volume performance – up to 1200 LPM
    • Available in single or 3-phase power
    • Ideal for swim systems and large commercial applications
    • Powerful 4.0 HP & 5.0 HP motors
    • Highest quality mechanical seal
    • Locally manufactured and factory tested
    • Designed to German standards

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  • 43 Series

    43 Series

    The Speck 43 series provides the benefits of continuous research and development. Features include:
    • High head performance – 380 lpm at 10m head
    • High volume performance – 600 lpm at 6m head
    • Available with or without strainer
    • Powerful 2.5 HP motor
    • Ideal for automatic pool cleaners, swim systems or spas

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  • Badu Magic Series

    Badu Magic Series

    The Speck Badu Magic Series is an all-round swimming pool and solar heating pump. With its great performance it is the ultimate choice for pools and solar heating applications. Features include:
    • Flow rate – 160 to 230 litres per minute
    • Quieter, smoother performance
    • Easy to remove non corrosive lid
    • Available in 0.75 HP and 1.0 HP
    • Complete with strainer in all pump sizes
    • Stainless steel motor shaft
    • Robust construction
    • Highest quality materials

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  • Super 90 Series

    Super 90 Series

    The Speck Super 90 Series is the all-round swimming pool and spa pump. With its great performance it is the ultimate choice for pools and spas with a wide range of applications including solar heating and use with automatic pool cleaners. Features include:
    • A high resistance to corrosion and salt water
    • Maximum effectiveness at low power input
    • The ultimate in reliability
    • Stability at high fluid temperatures up to 60°C
    • No contact between motor and pump shaft with pool or spa water
    • Highest quality mechanical seal
    • Fan cooled – suitable for high ambient temperatures
    • Closed impeller
    • Easy to remove motor
    • Easy to remove clear clear strainer lid, plastic handle supplied
    • Every pump factory wet tested for quality control
    • Reinforced 50mm inlet and 40mm outlet
    • Five year warranty (conditions apply)

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