TMFR Series Pumps

  • TMFR 30-200 Series

    TMFR 30-200 Series

    The TMFR series, an integrated pump-motor unit where the motor has no moving parts, features a combination of compact size, superior performance, low energy consumption and silent operation to provide great versatility in a refined, high tech design. The internal magnet, driven through an electromagnetic field, is capable of transmitting high torque to the shaft. The speed control system allows the unit to self-adapt to the hydraulic conditions of the circuit to maintain a set pressure or flow rate, while the brushless technology provides a reliable and long lasting operation.

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  • TSFR 400

    TSFR 400

    The TMFR series and its innovative concept of a completely integrated unit evolves into a larger flow rate unit: the TSFR unit. Especially designed for those applications where many hours of operation are required, the TSFR is designed to handle up to 1000 l/h on a continuous duty base. The electro-magnetic drive grants absence of friction and high efficiency. The evolution of the electronic controller into an intelligent unit, allows the option of a continuous ramp speed control between 1100 and 3500 rpm where the speed of acceleration may be precisely varied. External feedback loop allows to choose a constant pressure or flow rate values independently from the variations of the hydraulic conditions. The versatility of this product opens new horizons to high technology systems. The housing and the rotor are in AISI 303 stainless steel, while the pumping chamber is in graphite. Elastomers are available in NBR, Viton® or EPDM.

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