Balz 200 Series

VVS100 Vortex Pump


Non-clogging impeller, urethane suction liner & rubber lined pump casing offers excellent wear resistance qualities. Can run dry indefinitely. Maximum pump immersion depth 600mm. Suction pipes of varying lengths can be fitted to the inlet of the pump casing to extend the immersion depth. Bottom suction. The pump runs at 4 pole speed.


The Rotating motion of the impeller causes a vortex which allows for the free flow of larger solids and more fibrous materials. The impeller is located in a recess in the pump casing and not in the water passage.

Manufacturer: Balz

Industry: Mining, Industrial

Pump Uses: Dewatering, Process Water Pumps, Slightly Dirty Water Pumping, Slurry Pumping

Pump Type:

Pump Style: Spindle Pumps