Balz 100 Series

Balz VS100 General Duty Pump
Balz Vertical Pumps


This Vertical Spindle pump is fitted with a semi open impeller. This designed for general duty sump pumping. The pump has been designed in such a way that accidental phase reversal cannot damage the pump or dislodge the impeller. The pumps hi-chrome and urethane suction liner & rubber lined pump casing offers excellent wear resistance qualities. The pump has no submerged bearings, and the bearings used are lubricated and seal which means no continual maintenance for the life of the bearing. The pump has a bottom suction which is lifted off the floor and has a with a maximum pump immersion depth 500mm. Modular extension shafts are available to increase the pumps immersion depth. This unit is designed to operate with a 2 and 4 pole electric motors Can pump solids up to 15mm & density of up to 1.3SG


General Duty Sump pumping; able to handle dirty water with solids up to 15mm and an fluid with an SG of up to 1.3.

Manufacturer: Balz

Industry: Mining, Industrial

Pump Uses: Dewatering, Process Water Pumps, Slightly Dirty Water Pumping, Slurry Pumping

Pump Type: Centrifugal

Pump Style: Spindle Pumps