Gorman Rupp Rotary Gear Pumps

Self Priming Positive Displacement Pump


Gorman-Rupp G Series line of self-priming positive displacement rotary gear pumps is designed to provide performance no other gear pumps can match. Available in Medium-Duty, Heavy-Duty and Extreme-Duty models – in cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. G Series pumps are versatile enough to handle virtually any pumping application and liquid type. They come in a variety of drive arrangements, including close-coupled, flex-coupled, gear reducer and v-belt drive. G Series pumps are manufactured with unique features that enable them to perform better and last longer on countless applications, providing quality and reliability that make the G Series the premier gear pump in the industry. Available from 1" (25mm) to 6" (150mm)


Gorman Rupp Rotary Gear pumps are suited to a vast array of applications, with viscous liquids, high temperature, and abrasive applications, so application of gear pumps are: Hydrocarbons, Petrochemicals and Similar: Oils, Fats, Fuels, LPG Viscous Liquids and Polymers: Grease, Asphalt, Glue, Varnish, Styrenes Thermosensitive Liquids: Resins, Tar Abrasive Liquids: Paint, Enamels, Printing Ink, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Diatomaceous Earth, Paper Coatings, Pitch, Fish Solubles, Barium Sulfate, Wax, Waste Oils, Filled Asphalt Acids: Acetic, Phosphoric Solvents: Ketones, Acetone Salts and Caustics: Soda Ash, Viscose Papermill Liquids: Black Liquor, Tall Oil, Kaolin Heat Transfer Liquids: MobilTherm, DowTherm Food Products: Chocolate, Glucose, Vegetable Oil, Syrups

Manufacturer: Gorman Rupp

Industry: Domestic, Mining, Oil And Gas, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Irrigation And Agriculture, Water Utilities

Pump Uses: Chemical Pumping, Dosing, Petroleum Pumps, Printing Pumps

Pump Type: Gear

Pump Style: Gear Pumps