Close Coupled Centrifugal Pumps with flanged connections


Close-coupled centrifugal pumps; electric motor with extended shaft directly connected to the pump up to 22 kW, new bracket construction for standard motors (stub-shaft construction) from 30 to 75 kW with integrated thrust bearing.

Pump casing with axial suction and radial delivery on top, main dimensions and performance according to EN 733.
NM(S): version with pump casing and lantern bracket in cast iron.
B-NM(S): version with pump casing and lantern bracket/casing cover in bronze. (the pumps are supplied fully painted).
Connections: Flanges according to PN 10, EN 1092-2.
Counter-flanges (on request)


For clean liquids without abrasives, which are non-aggressive for the pump materials (solids content up to 0,2%). For water supply. For heating, air conditioning, cooling and circulation plants. For civil and industrial applications. For fire fighting applications. For irrigation.


Industry: commercial buildings

Pump Uses: aeration

Pump Type: centrifuge

Pump Style: Grinder Pump