Introducing: the Flexibore 100 Series Hose

We import the finest pumps into Australia from around the world. What you may not know is that we also have access to every heart associated with pumps and with pumping water. One such product is the Flexibore 100 Series hose.

Pumps in Australia - Flexibore 100 Series HoseThe Flexibore 100 series hose is the most cost-effective and the most efficient way to pump water from a borehole. It is designed to reduce installation time for bore pumps Shallower than 100 m. In addition, it still retains all of the advantages of a flexible riser.

Because of its design, it is easy to install in domestic and rural applications and in more remote areas that have difficult accessibility.

Flexible Riser for Pumping Groundwater

The Flexibore 100 Series is compatible with almost all high quality submersible pumps and suits most borehole applications. For depths of up to 100 meters, the inner diameters are 32mm and 50mm. For anything deeper, you can order the Flexibore 200 Series.

Flexibore 100 hoses are designed to replace rigid style water pipes made out of PVC or Poly, which can produce slower flow rates due to inner encrustations. If your pump needs to be serviced, it can be difficult to remove a PVC or Poly pipe. Due to Flexibore having high tensile strength, there is no safety cable required.

General Applications

Flexibore 100 Series hoses are often used for municipal or domestic water supply, mine dewatering, industrial or rural bore water retrieval, test pumping and other ground water projects.

Easy Installation

Flexibore 100 Series hoses are easily attached to your pump via patented couplings. A crane or a simple rolling wheel is used to lower the pump into the bore, complete with hose and cables attached. Because of its design and continuous length, it doesn’t take nearly as long to install a Flexibore 100 series hose as it does a rigid pipe.

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Gorman Rupp O Series PTO Pumps

Gorman Rupp are one of the largest manufacturers of centrifugal pumps in the world. Based in the US, they manufacture more than 3,000 different models of pumps. Like most of the successful global pump manufacturers, they have been in business a long time, but have still retained their original core values.

Gorman Rupp Pumps - O Series PTO Pumps

Their company philosophy is simply stated: Innovation, Improvement and Superior Products. To this end, they constantly update their designs and their state of the art manufacturing facility to ensure that they are always at the forefront of any changes in the industry. They are always working to make your pumps more efficient with longer service life.

Gorman Rupp O Series PTO Pumps

PTO stands for “Power Take Off” and the O Series is Gorman Rupp’s contribution to the industry. They are self-priming centrifugal pumps that are perfect for uses such as handling petroleum derivatives such as aircraft fuel, gasoline and fuel oil.

The PTO Series is manufactured with no check valves. This ensures a higher rate of suction when the pumps are transporting petroleum products, solvents and other, similar media. The O Series pumps are also used on water wagons.

The pump impeller and volute are available in lightweight aluminium. They also have a lightweight, replaceable wear ring made of bronze. They have helical gears, which help the O series run with very little noise. They are available with left hand rotation or right hand rotation. They are specially designed to be appropriate for truck mounting.

They are available in sizes from 50mm to 200mm. They have a maximum capacity of 97 lps and a maximum head of 140 m. They can handle solids up to 30mm and temperatures up to 71 C.

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Grundfos CR Series: Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Inline Pumps

Grundfos pumps are manufactured in Denmark. They are owned by the Poul Due Jensen Foundation, with 2% of the shares going to employees and 12% going to descendents of the founder, Poul Due Jensen.

Grundfos are different than any pump manufacturer in the world because all of the profits that go to the Foundation are reinvested into making Grundfos even better.

Grundfos Pumps - CR Series

Grundfos CR vertical multistage centrifugal inline pumps can be used for a wide range of industrial solutions in nearly every sector. It is the broadest range of pumps and applications available.

The CR Series is available in cast-iron, all titanium and two grades of stainless steel. There are eleven different flow sizes available, which can produce upwards of 50 bar of pressure. There are also a wide variety of shaft seals, supply voltages and rubber materials.

Applications for Grundfos CR Series Centrifugal Pumps

The applications for CR Series pumps are nearly infinite, but there are some applications in which they are very popular. These include: water supply & pressure boosting in commercial/residential/industrial/mining/health sectors, pumping of aggressive fluids (acid or alkaline), seawater systems, washing and cleaning systems, water processing systems, ultrafiltration systems, swimming pools and reverse osmosis systems.

Some more specific applications: mining, steam boiler feed, chemical processes, industrial processes, mineral oils, pharmaceutical industries, petrochemical industries, distilling plants, refineries, paint industries. They can be used to cool data processing equipment, medical equipment, laser equipment and industrial freezing and cooling processes. They can control temperature for chemical processing, oil processing and moulding and casting tools..

They are used for hygienic applications in biotechnical industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemical processes and food and beverage.

Special installations can be arranged for ships, fire fighting, mobile applications, remote areas, earthquake prone areas, deep well plumbing and places with limited installation space.

As you can see, that’s a lot of applications. Grundfos pumps are used in so many different situations that it would be impossible to list them all.

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RAN Stainless Steel Body Pump

RAN Pump is a relative newcomer to the “club” of elite international pump manufacturers, but they have done a great job in their short tenure. RAN Pump is one of the most respected manufacturers of air operated double diaphragm (AODD) pumps in the world.

RAN Pump - Stainless Steel Body

They are located in Turkey, but have recently opened an office in Indonesia. 90% of their components are manufactured “in house” at their own facility, which measures 1500 m2. They keep as much as possible in house because it is the best way for them to have ultimate control over the quality of their products.

While RAN Pump makes great products, they also have built a reputation for keeping their prices down. While they don’t make “cheap pumps,” they do charge less money for their pumps than some manufacturers of lesser quality do for theirs. It isn’t often that one of the elite pump manufacturers is perceived as a great “bargain,” but RAN Pump manages to offer what may be the best combination of high quality and low price in the world.

RAN Pump B Series Stainless Steel Pumps

RAN Pump offers a 12.7 mm Stainless Steel Body AODD Pump. It has a maximum capacity of 60 lpm. The inlet and outlet for fluids is ½ inch. The maximum working pressure is 7 bar. The housing material is made of stainless steel. The diaphragm, valve ball and valve seat are all made of PTFE.

The B Series also features a lube-free air valve system for stability, full stroke modified and moulded diaphragms and a body built for durability. The finish is as high quality as the materials.

It is designed to be able to handle slurries and sludges with high levels of solid content. They can also be used for highly viscous liquids and even for aggressive materials.

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Gorman Rupp Ultra V and VS Series Pumps for Solids and Slurries

Gorman Rupp makes pumps designed for heavy duty pumping of solids and slurries. Gorman Rupp are based in the US and have been manufacturing pumps since 1933. They now offer more than 3,000 different pumps. They are known for innovations in the industry and hold the patents on many industry standards.

Gorman Rupp pumps have one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world and have constantly reinvested and retooled to keep their equipment and logistics on the cutting edge of modern technology. They have a simple but effective corporate philosophy: Innovation, Improvement and Superior Products.

Their Ultra V Series pumps are specially designed for handling slurries and solids. They have head capabilities that are significantly higher than any similar equipment. Due to their design, any clogging can be removed through the opening for the cover plate. No special tools are needed and it doesn’t disturb the piping.

Gorman Rupp Pumps - Ultra V and VS Series

The Ultra V Series comes in three sizes: 80 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. They have a maximum capacity of 120 lps and maximum head of 99 m. They can handle solids up to 76 mm. They are made of cast iron, stainless steel and CD4MCu.

If you need more than the Ultra V can give you, the Ultra VS is available with the Ultra Mate pump. An innovative transition chamber is used to mount the Ultra Mate pump directly to the Ultra V. This can provide up to three times the maximum pressure that any traditional self-priming single stage pumps for the handling of solids can provide.

This reduces the losses that can occur with conventional pumps connected in series, which results in more efficient operation and more output.

The Ultra V and Ultra Mate have an interchangeable back cover plate and rotating assembly, meaning you don’t have to have as many spare parts around for immediate changing.

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