Fluid-o-Tech 4000 Series Pumps

The Fluid-o-Tech 4000 series consists of rotary vane pumps made of stainless steel. They feature the patented Fluid-o-Tech Rotoflow technology. The 4000 Series pumps are the largest Rotoflow pumps available from Fluid-o-Tech.

They are available in seven different levels of displacement. The rotor, the pump housing and all metal components are made of AISI 303 stainless steel. The vanes and the pumping chamber are made of high impact carbon graphite.

Fluid-o-Tech Pumps - 4000 Series

When carbon graphite combines with stainless steel, it is self-lubricating. This not only makes the pump extremely efficient, it also makes it great for water-based solutions.

The 4000 series pumps have female-threaded 1” NPT inlet and outlet ports. GAS ports are available upon request. They are available with Vitron or NBR seals. The maximum operating temperature is 70 degrees. The maximum motor speed is 1725 rpm. The maximum system pressure is 20 bar.

When operating at 1450 rpm, 4000 series pumps produce nominal flow rates starting at a low of 1000 l/h to a high of 2300 l/h. When operating at maximum speed, or 1725 rpm, they produce approximately 20% more output, maxing out at 2700 l/h.

4000 Series pumps can be mounted to M80, M90 IEC motors or they can also be mounted to NEMA 56C motors. You will need the correct adapters and the coupling has to be appropriate.

All pumps in the 4000 Series run quietly, are self-priming, have pulsation free flow and have a long service life.

Who are Fluid-o-Tech Pumps?

Fluid-o-Tech are an Italian company that makes positive displacement pumps designed for metering, dosing, pressurisation and transfer of a wide variety of fluids for a wide variety of industries. Their pumps are used in the automotive, food & beverage, industrial and medical industries. They can be used to transport fluids when precise delivery and sanitation are of the utmost importance.

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Tsurumi MG Series Pumps

The Tsurumi MG Series is a series of pumps that is designed for the sewage industry. Tsurumi is known for their submersible pumps, but this series is even better: they are submersible grinder pumps.

They are designed for any effluent drainage application, but are most often used for sewage when the solids are so large that they would normally clog pipes in other pumps. The MG series pumps grind up the solids. This produces smaller pieces and allows the sewage to be transferred through a smaller pipe.

Tsurumi Pumps - MG Series

The grinding mechanism is located in the suction port. This is important because it means the large pieces are ground into smaller pieces before they even enter the pump. Because the sewage has been ground, it can be pumped into a smaller pipe without any risk of the sewage clogging the pipe.

In addition, the Tsurumi MG series pumps feature and empower which helps to prevent clogging. This grinder is extremely resistant to abrasion because it is made of cast chromium iron. Tsurumi has a patented oil lifter that greatly increases the life of the sealing mechanism by stabilising the mechanical seal.

Tsurumi MG Series pumps also feature a thermal protector that turns off the motor in case of excess heat buildup. It is also effective in the case of mechanical or electrical failure. In addition, MG series pumps are designed for high head. This allows them to transfer fluids great distances.

Applications of Tsurumi MG Series Pumps

Because the MG series is designed specifically for sewerage, the list of applications is quite unique and specific. They are used for community sewerage, pressurised sewerage systems, domestic effluent drainage and other drainage applications. These include but are not limited to spinning, paper or food processing factories, exhibition sites and campsites.

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RAN Diaphragm Pumps

RAN Pumps, or RAN Pompa, are located in Istanbul, Turkey. They have only been in business since 2000, but they quickly established an international reputation in the industry for high quality pumps at very reasonable prices. We have imported RAN pumps since 2009 and they have proven to be a popular and reliable choice.

The most popular pumps in the RAN catalogue are their diaphragm pumps. They offer both air operated diaphragm pumps (AODD) and electro-mechanical diaphragm pumps. The main advantage of an AODD is that they are explosion-proof and fireproof. This is a requirement in many industries.

RAN Diaphragm Pumps

Image Credit: ranpompa.com

RAN AODD pumps are designed with lubrication-free air valves. This helps to ensure reliable, efficient operation. The electro-mechanical pumps are used in situations where mobility is required and there is no air available to run the pumps. The electromechanical models are actually quieter. They are also so efficient that they reduce operating costs.

RAN has a proprietary bolted sealing and connection system which enables them to withstand high pressure requirements.

Applications for RAN Diaphragm Pumps

RAN pumps are manufactured with many different materials according to the intended application. However, their more popular models are made of stainless steel, allowing them to be used in applications where cross-contamination is prohibited and the highest sanitation and hygiene standards are required..

RAN diaphragm pumps are often used in the pharmaceutical, petrochemical, food, dairy and cosmetic industries. They are used to transport such foods as mustard, mayonnaise, cream, buttermilk, milk, ketchup and other similar products. They can also be used for viscous and aggressive materials such as chemicals, sludge, oil, petroleum products, solvents, glues, inks and paints.

Diaphragm pumps are the pumps of choice for many chemicals and solvents because they are safe to operate in a flammable environment.

Other applications for RAN pumps: shipyards, construction and repair of ships, pumping bilge water on ships, dyeing machines and printing machines.

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Becker VT Series Oil-less Vacuum Pumps

Becker is an international pump manufacturer located in the US that is well-known and respected for their vacuum pumps. One of their most popular products is their VT Series oil-less vacuum pumps.

Oil-less vacuum pumps are basically compressor pumps that don’t use oil. Because they don’t have any oil, they weigh less, making them a lot easier to move. They are also one of the most reliable pumps in the business. They feature easy maintenance and minimal downtime.

Becker VT Series Oil-less Vacuum Pumps

While Becker is known for their quiet pumps, most professionals cite their oilless pumps as being the most quiet in the industry. They are also known for their efficiency and their long life cycles.

The VT series consists of dry, rotary vane vacuum pumps. Their valves and filters are on the same side, which makes them easier to access. Not only are they designed for minimum maintenance, they are also designed for convenience while maintaining them.

The VT series pumps are 100% dry. Not only are they quiet, but they run cool, ensuring that overheating will never be a problem. Becker pumps have exceptionally long vein life compared to anyone else in the business. The pumps come with inlet filters and discharge silencers. They are direct drive pumps with vacuum regulators included.

The VT Series is designed for industrial use and is versatile, lending itself to many industrial applications.

Best Pumps in Australia

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We have provided pumping solutions for the mining, medical, food, beverage, industrial, manufacturing and many other commercial industries. Not only do we import the best pumps from the best pump manufacturers in the world, we also have a knowledgeable customer service staff who are dedicated to providing you with the best solution for your operation in any industry.

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Fluid-o-Tech Internal Gear Pumps

Fluid-o-Tech has been making high quality pumps for nearly 70 years. They were founded in 1948 in Italy by Franco Andreis as Andreis s.r.l. Since 1964, his son Antonio Andreis has been the management end of the business. He would go on to form Fluid-o-Tech in 1976.

Today, Fluid-o-Tech is an internationally known and respected pump manufacturer. They have expanded from their home base in Italy to the US, China and Japan. While they offer a comprehensive selection of pump varieties, they are best known for extremely precise pumps within the food, beverage and medical industries.

Fluid-o-Tech Internal Gear Pumps

Image Credit: www.fluidotech.it

In 2013, they launched an operation called F-Lab. It is a facility where engineers from Fluid-o-Tech work side-by-side with universities to create products which provide creative solutions in the food, beverage and nutrition industries.

One of their most popular pumps is the internal gear pump, which is produced as the IG Series. The IG Series consists of positive displacement pumps which are designed to work with fluids which contain impurities in suspension. They can handle media up to 200 degrees and still maintain a smooth rate of flow.

Fluid-o-Tech IG pumps are built for precision and always deliver the correct amount at the correct rate. They can do this while providing pressure as high as 18 bar. The least powerful pump in the series provides a flow rate of 50 liters per hour while the most powerful one provides a flow rate of 1550 liters per hour.

They are protected by a cast-iron housing with 12.7 mm ports. Their internal components are made of ceramic materials and Distaloy AE. This increases the service life of the pump while keeping maintenance and downtime to a minimum.

Fluid-o-Tech IG Series pumps have a clamp mounting which makes it easy to integrate them into OEM. They also have couplings made of engineered polymer. This keeps heat from transferring to the motor.

Fluid-o-Tech Pumps and More

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