How Verderflex Pumps Help Make Wine

Verderflex has a reputation for making the best peristaltic pumps in the industry. That is why we distribute Verderflex pumps. We only import the best pumps from around the world because we know that downtime can cost you money. We know that you need the most efficient, reliable pumps for all industrial applications.

Verderflex pumps are used for a variety of applications: mining, wastewater, printing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive and the food and beverage industry. Peristaltic pumps are so named because they mimic the action of your digestive tract when you swallow; that process is called “peristalsis.”

Verderflex Pumps Help Make Wine

Peristaltic pumps are great for uses where sanitation is mandatory and contamination cannot be tolerated. The fluid being moved through the hose is never touched by any of the pump mechanism, which squeezes the hose at one end and moves towards the exit, pushing the fluid along as it goes.

Peristaltic Pumps Used in Filter Press for Wine

In modern winemaking operations, the juice from grapes is fermented in giant stainless steel vats that are opened at the top. Yeast is added, which converts the grape sugars into alcohol. When the alcohol is produced, the yeast is then filtered out, leaving pure liquid wine.

The way the yeast is removed is by the addition of diatomaceous earth (DE), which forms a slurry and attracts the yeast to cluster with the DE. A Verderflex peristaltic pump is then used to pump the slurry into the filter press. The press system contains a VF-25 hose pump which is fed through a 32 mm suction line. The line is fitted through a converter and connects to 25 mm tubing.

When the chambers are filled with the slurry of wine, yeast and DE, the pressure is approximately 10 bar. This is the maximum pressure, so the Verderflex pump is fitted with a sensor that stops the Verderflex pump if the pressure reaches 10 bar.

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Clean Water Pumps for Drinking Water

Clean water pumps for drinking water have to be built to high sanitation standards. That’s why we offer Lowara Pumps for moving drinking water. Lowara has been in business for more than forty years. They are now part of Xylem Incorporated.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we only handle what we feel are the best pumps in the world. We feature the manufacturers who have a track record of being the best for any particular type of pump. For clean water pumps, Lowara Pumps have proven to be efficient and reliable, with consistent output and minimum downtime or repairs.

There are three kinds of pumps used for drinking water applications: single stage, multi stage and booster. They are centrifugal pumps that are self-priming and have a self-contained ejector system. Centrifugal pumps are made of stainless steel and stay primed under most conditions. This combination not only guarantees reliability and efficiency, but the utmost in sanitation. Here is a brief guide to how Lowara Pumps handles these applications.

Single Stage Pumps

The CEA/CA Series consists of stainless steel threaded centrifugal pumps. They are available in single or dual impeller models. The “V” version operates in temperatures up to 110 °C, while the “N” version is made of AISA 316 grade stainless steel. They are used for an extensive range of applications, residential and industrial.

Also available: threaded centrifugal pumps with open impellers, self-priming centrifugal pumps with built-in ejector system and many other varieties.

Multi Stage Pumps

Clean Water Pumps in Australia

Multi Stage Pumps are used for many industrial applications. They are versatile, reliable, efficient and some are noiseless. Some are stainless steel and some are cast iron. Flow rates can range from 22 m/3h to 280 m3/h.

Booster Pump Sets

These are meant for intermittent use to boost output from single and multi stage pumps. They are used most often in buildings such as hotels and for firefighting purposes.

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Manufacturer’s Spotlight: Tsurumi Pumps

Most people in the industry agree: the world’s best submersible pumps are made by Tsurumi. Is Tsurumi’s reputation warranted? We think it is. And here’s why.

History of Tsurumi Pumps

Tsurumi was founded in 1924 in Osaka, Japan, under the name “Tsurumi Shokai.” They started out by manufacturing TDL-series vertical shaft pumps for agricultural use. In 1951, they incorporated as a limited company: Tsurumi Manufacturing, Limited. They developed TDL-series 2-stage vertical shaft pumps that were designed for construction dewatering.

Tsurumi Submersible Pumps

The TDL series was successful for Tsurumi, but they wanted to become better. They began to develop the world’s first submersible pump series, coming to fruition in 1953 and 1954 with the EP-series, consisting of the EP-75 and EP-100. They began selling them in 1954-55.

In 1962, they developed dry-type motors that were lighter than conventional, oil-filled motors, resulting in the first dry-type submersible pump: the KB series. In 1964-65, they pioneered the first submersible pump containing a built-in circle thermal protector and launched the KR series in January 1965.

In 1968, Tsurumi would make another huge contribution to the industry: a float-type submersible pump that had an automatic control circuit built into the pump. In 1970, they built an assembly line factory for building very large pumps. That year, they would also invent a submersible pump which featured a solid-handling impeller. This would be called the SS series submersible vortex pump.

Meanwhile, they would expand from their original facilities. They now have offices in Osaka and Tokyo with manufacturing facilities in Kyoto and Yonago. Internationally, they have offices in the US, Germany, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, South Africa and the UAE.

Tsurumi is also committed to the environment and “green” operation by recycling everything they can and reducing their carbon footprint. Their corporate philosophy is composed of five words: “Being water and people friendly.”

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Product Spotlight: Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

If you are looking for a gear water pump, we have the best brand in the world: Fluid-o-Tech. As we mentioned in our “manufacturer’s spotlight” post about Fluid-o-Tech, they were established in Italy in 1948 by founder Franco Andreis as “Andreis s.r.l.” Franco would turn the company over to his son, Vittorio Andreis, in 1964.

Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

In 1976, Vittorio expanded his company by creating Fluid-o-Tech. Fluid-o-Tech now has facilities in China, Japan and the US, besides their home location in Italy. They are world leaders in rotary vane pumps, oscillating piston pumps and gear pumps.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we only handle the world’s best pumps because we know your operation is depending on them. We know that downtime can cost you thousands, or even millions of dollars, depending upon the scope of your operation. When you decide to use only the best, your chances of expensive downtime are minimised.

Mag Drive Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

The Fluid-o-Tech Mag Drive DGM09 series consists of gear pumps that continue the MG200 series. They are built to move clean water and fluids with relatively high viscosity at low pressure. DGM09 pump motors operate with low pulsation. They can handle fluids at temperatures up to 95 degrees Centigrade. They have 8mm suction and discharge ports at the barbed end.

They are used mainly for water purification, condensation removal, water recirculation, spraying and laser cooling.

Direct Drive Fluid-o-Tech Gear Pumps

The Fluid-o-Tech Direct Drive DGM09 series also consists of gear pumps that were inspired by the MG200 series. Like the Mag Drive series, they are also manufactured to move high viscosity fluids and clean water at low pressure. They also have low pulsation. They can handle fluids at temperatures up to 70 degrees Centigrade.

DGM09 Direct Drive pumps are extremely compact; this has made them the “go-to” gear pump in situations where space is at a premium.

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Five Most Common Reasons for Failure in Electric Pump Motors

We go out of our way to import the best pumps from around the world into Australia. We wish we could tell you that all you have to do is turn them on and they will run forever, but even the best pumps can develop problems. We know that problems can lead to downtime. We also know that a lot of them are preventable.

Here are the five most common things that can go wrong with electric pump motors.

Failure in Electric Pump Motors

Excessive Heat

Electric pumps generate a lot of heat on their own, depending on design and use. Excessive heat is by far the most common reason pumps fail. In fact, the main reason for the other four failures on this list is because they all generate excessive heat.

There is a long standing industry rule stating that every 10 degrees of additional heat that is delivered to the windings cuts the life of an electric motor in half. Conversely, if you simply make sure your motor is being maintained at an appropriate level of heat, it can greatly extend the life of your pump.

Dust and Contamination

Unless it is the hermetically sealed motor in a submersible pump, an electric motor is quite efficient at drawing in dust particles from the air as it runs. Once the particles reach the inside of the motor, they can cause a lot of damage. This is dependent upon the size and physical properties of the particles.

If the particles are abrasive, like sand, they will wear down the contact components of the motor. If they have electrical qualities, they can interfere with the electrical currents as they move across the components. If too many particles are blocking the places where the motor vents, it can cause excess heat to collect in the motor. It is crucial to select the right amount of IP or Ingress Protection to ensure that particles don’t find their way into your electric pump.

Power Supply Anomalies

It would be nice if all pumps were “plug and play.” Sadly, there are so many different requirements in various industries that it is difficult to find the exact set of parameters that is perfect for your application. We can always help you find what you need, but it’s not like going to the local big box store for a simple water pump.

Pulse width modulation and high frequency switching can cause harmonic currents. These can lead to current and voltage distortion, resulting in overloading and overheating. Each of these factors decreases the life of the motor and adds to long term costs. In addition, the power surges can cause a host of other problems in areas other than the electric motor.

It is crucial that you correctly regulate and manage your power delivery.

Humidity and Moisture

Moisture and humidity in the air can wreak havoc on your electric motor, especially over time. By themselves, they can cause corrosion inside the motor. If moisture is mixed with particles, it can create a “negative synergy” in which the time frame for damage to the motor is accelerated greatly. This shortens the shelf life of any electric motor or pump.

Improper Lubrication

Improper lubrication is a huge issue for pump motors. Each motor has to be lubricated according to manufacturer’s specifications. Too little will cause extreme abrasion. Too much can blow a seal, resulting in no lubrication at all. You also have to watch lubricants for contamination. In addition, you have to have the correct lubricant for the motor.

Putting it All Together

Any of these factors can cause you serious downtime and shorten the life of your pump’s motor considerably. It is extremely important to make sure that you always choose the right pump for the right job. Once you find the right equipment, you have to keep it maintained and running according to manufacturer’s standards.

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