5 Advantages of a Submersible Pump

Advantages of a Submersible PumpBasements are great for storage and even extra living space, but they can also present a lot of risk for floods, especially during rainy season. Sump pumps help keep water from collecting in your home or factory basement and are available in two types: submersible and cantilever. Here are the advantages of using a submersible pump.

Out of the Way

A pedestal or cantilever pump will have most of its working parts outside of the sump pit. A submersible pump has its working parts in the pit, which means it doesn’t take up any extra room in your basement. For the most part, you can keep your submersible pump out of the way and out of sight, removing an eyesore for residents and visitors alike.

Safety First

For the same reason it isn’t an eyesore, a submersible pump is much safer than a cantilever pump. Because all of the moving parts are in the sump pit, people are less likely to hurt themselves on submersible pumps.


Submersible pumps are a lot quieter than cantilever pumps because they are underwater and both the water and the sump pit walls muffle the noise. In other words, you can’t see them or hear them.

Higher Efficiency

A submersible pump is normally more efficient than a cantilever pump because a cantilever pump normally has heavier shafts and bearings, etc to withstand the increased stresses involved with having the pump mounted on an extended column away from the drive unit.

Low Maintenance

Submersible pumps are low maintenance for two reasons. First, the closed design keeps minute contaminants from contacting the moving parts. Second, they are submerged in water when they are running, keeping them cooler than a pump that is not submerged.

If You Need a Submersible Pump

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