Tsurumi TRN Pumps for Submersible Self-Aspiration Aeration

We have done business with Tsurumi Pumps for a long time. They are a manufacturer that has been in business close to a hundred years and have proven themselves to be among the most reliable, high-quality manufacturers in the industry. Their submersible pumps have become industry standards in many industry segments.

One such pump which has become the standard in the wastewater industry is their TRN series. Tsurumi TRN pumps are submersible self-aspiration aerators. They are used to aerate and mix wastewater.

Their design features a special, semi-open impeller. This design causes negative pressure to be generated around the impeller. This draws air into the water from above the water surface. The air that has been drawn mixes with the water in a process called aeration. Then, the pump discharges the mixture of air and water.

Tsurumi TRN Pumps for Submersible Self-Aspiration Aeration

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This process is ultra-efficient at dissolving oxygen because it aerates the water under a high-pressure condition.

There is a limit to how deep each pump can effectively aerate water, but Tsurumi has solved that problem. They offer a stand that is either a standalone product or is used with a draft tube.

The air inlet bores start at 32mm and go all the way up to 150mm. Motor output ranges from 0.75 kW to 40 kW. All TRN pumps are three-phase pumps. The smallest pump allows for the passage of solids measuring 10 mm. The largest pump allows solids passage of 25 mm.

For the smaller pumps, the maximum water depth is 3.5 m. Larger pumps can operate down to 6 m below the surface.

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Tsurumi Submersible Seawater Pumps

Tsurumi Pumps have been making high quality pumps since they were established in 1924, in Japan. Their submersible pumps have a reputation as being among the best in the industry. But there is one niche in which they have everyone beaten hands down: submersible seawater pumps.

Tsurumi designs their submersible pumps in a manner that helps them handle virtually any liquid. This includes corrosive liquids, hot water, wastewater and seawater. The durability of Tsurumi pumps and their ability to handle so many different media is just one reason why they hold such a high stature in the industry.

The Tsurumi solution to the problem of corrosive liquids is to build their pumps out of titanium. Any part that comes into contact with liquids on any Tsurumi submersible pump is made out of titanium to keep them from corroding and to give them a longer life.

Tsurumi Submersible Seawater Pumps

Tsurumi TM-Series Submersible Seawater Pumps

The Tsurumi Seawater Pump series combines titanium with specially formulated resins that are also resistant to seawater. Since titanium is so expensive, Tsurumi uses the resins as a way to lower the cost of their seawater pumps while still providing the highest quality in the business. The end result is a pump that is reliable, efficient and cost-effective.

Seawater is Difficult to Handle

Because seawater is so corrosive, it is necessary to take countermeasures when building submersible pumps to transport it. If precautions are not taken, the seawater can cause corrosion, pump damage and even pump failure.

Other pump manufacturers tend to use stainless steel as a material and coated castings. However, stainless steel pumps suffer from localised corrosion, while the coating tends to peel off coated castings with prolonged use. Ultimately, most submersible pumps suffer from short service lives when being used for see water.

Many operations and manufacturers are still using stainless steel pumps for seawater, but the aforementioned corrosion ends up increasing the costs greatly. Stainless steel forms a chromium oxide coating on the surface, but in the absence of sufficient oxygen, the surface degrades and corrodes quickly.

Marine organisms or packing can often cause degradation of stainless steel pumps. Once the surface is compromised, water eventually ends up in the motor and the pump fails. The main takeaway here is that stainless steel pumps are not fully resistant to seawater.

In experiments that Tsurumi have conducted on stainless steel pumps, they have found that degradation begins usually within six months. We don’t feel that is a long enough service life for any pump.

Why Tsurumi TM-Series Pumps are the Industry Standard for Seawater

Tsurumi submersible sea water pumps feature a combination of titanium and resin. This allows Tsurumi pumps to transport seawater with no corrosion or degradation of any part of the pump.

Tsurumi’s resin components are specially designed so that each individual part is made of the resin that is most likely to prevent the pump from corroding.The end result is a pump that has a much longer service life than those made of stainless steel or standard resin materials.

Tsurumi submersible seawater pumps can be used for intake, draining and circulation purposes. The lubricating oil is made out of food grade paraffin. This makes it fish friendly and 100% safe for operations involving fish, such as water tanks, fish preserves and fish farms.

Tsurumi submersible sea water pumps offer discharge bore diameters from 40 to 80mm. Motor capacities start at 0.25 kilowatts and go up to 3.7 kilowatts. Single phase pumps are available up to 0.75 kilowatts. There are also models available that operate automatically.

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Tsurumi KTZ Pumps for Demanding Conditions

When it comes to submersible pumps, Tsurumi is the biggest name in the business. One of their most popular varieties of submersible pumps is the KTZ Series. The KTZ Series is widely considered to be the flagship line in the submersible pump series.

The KTZ Series features cast iron bodies, combined with high chromium, cast iron impellers. This cast iron construction allows the KTZ Series to withstand the most demanding conditions that can be found in the mining, construction and aggregate industries.

Tsurumi KTZ Pumps for Demanding Conditions

Image credit: www.tsurumipump.com

The KTZ series is among the most versatile in the industry. Impellers, hose couplings and suction covers can be swapped out to reconfigure any KTZ Series pumps for high volume performance or high head.

KTZ series pumps feature dual silicon carbide mechanical seals installed in the oil chamber. Tsurumi has patented an oil lifter which ensures that the mechanical seals will be sufficiently lubricated and cooled even if the oil level drops which in turn extends seal life substantially.

KTZ Series pumps are available with outputs of 1.5 kW to 11 kW. The 7.5 kW and 11 kW sizes feature seal pressure relief ports. This ensures that the seals are not exposed to any pressure other than the pressure that is produced by the level of sump submergence. This is crucial for higher pressure applications because it prevents premature wear and the failure of mechanical seals.

Discharge bore sizes are 50 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. Smaller models allow for solids passage of 8.5 mm while the larger models go up to 20 mm.

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Submersible Pumps: How They Work and When They Are the Best Choice

Submersible pumps are electric pumps that are hermetically sealed. The motor is close-coupled to the pump body. The pump is submerged into the water or other media which is to be pumped.

Advantages of Submersible Pumps

The main advantage of submersible pumps is that they are not prone to cavitation because they are submerged to the media they pump. When there is a large disparity in the elevation of a pump and the media it moves, that can cause pump cavitation. There is no disparity in elevation when using a submersible pump, so the problem is solved.

Also, the positioning of submersible pump allows them to push fluids to the surface as opposed to a jet pump, which has to pull fluids. Pushing fluids is more efficient than pulling them, so the submersible pump is more efficient than other options.

How Submersible Pumps Work: the Simple Version

Submersible Pumps: How They Work and When They Are the Best Choice

Submersible pumps are actually a different style of single and multistage centrifugal pumps. There are many moving parts, but essentially the water is moved through the pump by an impeller.

Applications for Submersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are used for many more applications than one might think. They are the most popular choice for pumping water out of a basement. They are also the go to choice for a water well. They are also used for slurry pumping, drainage, sewage pumping and general industrial pumping.

In addition to water wells, submersible pumps are also popular for oil wells. They can also be used to handle sea water, treat sewage, for offshore oil drilling rigs and even for firefighting.

When is a Submersible Pump the Right Choice for You?

A submersible pump is the correct choice for any of the applications we have mentioned above. Because they are so efficient, we recommend them as a first choice for any application in which a submersible pump can be used.

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Tsurumi Pumps Take Steps to Help Avoid Corrosion

Tsurumi Pumps have a reputation for making some of the best submersible pumps in the world. But even the Tsurumi submersible pumps can suffer a shortening of life cycle and efficiency when exposed to aggressive media such as salt water.

One of the more common strategies for fighting corrosion is to retrofit anode blocks while replacing parts. This is necessary because even pumps made of supposedly rustproof materials like stainless steel are susceptible to corrosion when exposed to aggressive media on a daily basis.

Tsurumi Pumps Take Steps to Help Avoid Corrosion

Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant because it has a thin layer on the top called the “passive layer.” It is self-repairing, though on a limited basis, due to its molecular structure. However, that thin layer can be eroded, exposing the cast elements beneath it.

Those cast metals are susceptible to corrosion. The only material that is close to being 100% trustworthy and resistant to corrosion is titanium. Basically, the more aggressive the material in which the pump is sitting, the greater effect it can have on the metal on the outside of the pump.

The Tsurumi Pump Solution

Tsurumi has a solution for fighting corrosion in submersible pumps: retrofittable sacrificial anodes. They are solid place which are made of zinc or aluminum. The anodes are attached to the casing with screws. This causes what Tsurumi calls a bimetal corrosion process. In a bimetal corrosion process, the less worthy metal is the one affected by the corrosion while the more hearty metal is not.

The end result is that the superficial anodes become rusty while the functional parts of the pump are almost totally unscathed by corrosion.

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