Advantages of Peristaltic Pumps for Chemical Metering Applications

Peristaltic Pumps are becoming the pump of choice for chemical metering over progressing cavity and diaphragm pumps. The main reason is that peristaltic pumps have a much lower total life cycle cost than the other pumps. However, there are a lot of other advantages. Here’s the rundown.

So, why is the life cycle so inexpensive? One main advantage is that there is only one part that is subject to significant wear or tear: the hose or tube. The chemicals are self-contained within the tube, thus protecting the rest of the pump from any chemical corrosion or oxidation.

Since the motor is independent of the fluid, a peristaltic pump can run dry without causing any damage to the pump. This eliminates a significant risk and negates the need for an expensive protection package. This design also means that the hose doesn’t sustain any wear from abrasion and doesn’t slip.

Peristaltic Pumps for Chemical Metering Applications

With a peristaltic pump, metering is accurate to 0.5%. Turndown ratios are up to a million to one. If you need to change the tubing, you can do it in under a minute. Since the peristaltic action is applied to the tube from the outside, there is absolutely no possibility of vapour lock; it can pump gases, too. The design also allows a peristaltic pump to handle materials with a very high solid content and maintain the same efficiency with water.

Peristaltic pumps are reversible with equal efficiency in either direction and can provide suction lift as high as 9.4 metres. It is sealless: no packing or mechanical seal necessary. There are no internal ball check valves to wear out or clog.

Peristaltic pumps eliminate the need for some features of other pumps, including piping, seal water flush systems, in-line check valves (the pump serves that function), degassing valves and back pressure valves. Inline strainers are also rendered unnecessary, and pulsation dampers aren’t always needed.

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