All About Speck Pumps

As you may know, we don’t carry just any pump at Pump Solutions Australasia. We go all over the world to find the best pump manufacturers in their market segments and import them to Australia. We do this because we know how much downtime or pump failure can cost, especially in larger operations.

One of the best pump manufacturers in the world is Speck Pumps, or “Speck Pumpen,” located in Roth, Germany. In 1909, master mechanic Daniel Speck and his five sons founded Daniel Speck & Sons in the city of Nuremberg. They created the first piston pumps and put them on the market that year.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps - Speck Pumps

Speck manufactures a wide variety of water pumps, including submersible side channel pumps, boiler feed pumps, centrifugal pumps, heat transfer pumps and liquid ring vacuum pumps. Speck Pumps can even manufacture application-specific products for your operation. We are proud to represent Speck Pumps in Australia for sales, maintenance and repairs.

Speck Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps

While we have a lot of overlapping, we like to acknowledge each manufacturer’s specialty whenever possible. Speck Pumps specialises in liquid ring vacuum pumps. They are known as the best in the world at this particular pump. The two basic varieties of liquid ring vacuum pumps are long coupled and close coupled.

Speck Pumpen pumps range in size from 0.12-2.2 m3/hr to 45kw-1600 m3/hr. Speck Pumpen offers most of their pumps in three different materials: stainless steel, brass or cast iron. They even offer combinations of the three materials.

A limited number of single stage pumps and all of the two stage pumps can create 33 mbar of vacuum levels and can pump liquids as hot as 350 °C at 100 m3/hr. Speck pumps can produce a head of up to 100 m.

Speck pumps can be built with magnetic drives or with conventional mechanical seals. Their smaller pumps are most often peripheral vane pumps that provide low flow and high head capabilities. Conventional impeller pumps usually take care of higher volumes, while vertical spindle pumps can be used for jobs involving heat transfer.

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