All About Verderflex Pumps

As we have mentioned on many occasions, we import the finest pumps from around the world to ensure that your operation always goes smoothly and efficiently with minimal downtime if any. We know that downtime can cost thousands of dollars for many operations. One of the most dependable brands of pumps we carry is Verderflex.

Verderflex pumps are manufactured by the Verder Group. The Verder Group was established in the Netherlands in 1959 by Andre Verder. They would eventually move to Belgium, followed by moves to Germany, France, Austria and the UK. Demand for their products rose, not only in Europe, but in the US, Japan, China, India, South Africa and Australia as well.

Today, Verderflex is known as the world’s foremost producer of peristaltic pumps. The brand name for Verderflex pumps comes from the fact that the tube in a peristaltic pump is flexed in a peristaltic manner to move fluid.

Applications for Verderflex Pumps

All About Verderflex Pumps

Verderflex pumps are most often used for sterile applications, precise applications such as chemical dosing or large scale operations where aggressive chemicals or slurries with a high solid content need to be transported.

Their smaller pumps are used in beverage, printing, medical, pharmaceutical and even packaging. Larger tube or hose pumps are used in the wastewater, mining and water industries.

Advantages of Verderflex Peristaltic Pumps

As we explained in another blog post this month, peristaltic pumps work by squeezing a tube to mimic the human and animal process called peristalsis. The moving parts of the pump are on the outside and the fluid to be moved is inside of the tube. This means the material of the tube can be adjusted to handle abrasive or aggressive chemicals.

It also means that the fluid only touches the inside of the tube. That makes it easier to keep the tube clean and guarantees that nothing will contaminate the contents inside. It also keeps the fluids from affecting the moving parts, the rotors and rollers, in any way.

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