Applications for Submersible Pumps

There are a lot of different types and sizes of submersible pumps because they are used for a lot of different applications. At the small end of the scale, we have small submersible pumps for homeowners trying to get water out of flooded rooms. On the large end, there are large ones that move oil from offshore drilling rigs.

What are Submersible Pumps?

As the name might suggest, submersible pumps can be fully immersed in water. The motor is in a hermetically sealed casing which is close coupled to the pump body. The main benefit of being able to immerse a pump fully is that it helps prevent cavitation, which is more likely to take place when the pump is placed higher than the fluid to be pumped.

When Submersible Pumps Provide Major Advantages

With so many different kinds of pumps available, there are many applications in which there are multiple options. However, there are some in which submersible pumps are clearly superior. Here are a few.

Applications for Submersible Pumps

Extremely deep wells: If a deep well is crooked, it may provide problems with shafting, making the submersible pump the only choice.

High risk of surface flooding: In any application where there is a risk of a pump being flooded or hammered by spraying water, the hermetic seal of a submersible pump protects the motor.

Quiet operation required: A situation where you don’t want any noise is perfect for submersible pumps because they can’t be heard underwater.

Little or no installation space: Pumps under sidewalks or streets don’t really have a lot of available installation space. A submersible pump stays out of the way.

Agriculture: For many agricultural applications, there are two major advantages: there is almost no maintenance for submersible pumps and when they are hidden, they are less likely to be vandalised.

General Applications

Submersible pumps are used in these industries: drainage, slurry pumping, sewage pumping, water wells, oil wells, seawater handling, sewage treatment, fire fighting, deep well drilling, irrigation, mine dewatering, artificial lifts and offshore drilling rigs.

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