Better Pumps for Sewage: BE, BZ, and PU Series

When it comes to moving large amounts of water, slurry, or any kind of liquid, the best thing to have is a good quality pump and Pump Solutions Australasia is just the company to supply you with that. Located in Perth in Western Australia, we offer a wide range of pumps for many different uses.

Sewerage PumpsWhen you need a pump that can withstand being placed underwater or some other kind of liquid, submersible pumps are just the pump to use. We carry a number of different kinds of these, including slurry, dewatering, aeration, and sewerage pumps.

The sewerage pumps, are the best ones suited to move sewage, effluent and other waste products. These pumps are installed in the desired product that needs pumping and can stay there while they run.

The BE series is one of the more simple makes of sewerage pumps and has a variety of places where it can be used. Its main feature is an open single vane channel impeller, which prevents clogging as well as allows for the more efficient transport of waste waters that include solids.

The BZ series is a step up from the regular B models and is enhanced as such. It achieves higher pumping heads. It has a two vane closed impeller, which allows it to pass solids up to eighty millimeters. This allows the pump to more efficiently transport sewage and other waste waters, even those with possible bigger solid deposits.

In the smaller range of sewage submersible pumps is the PU series. A part of the Tsurumi VANCS series, it is composed of both stainless steel and a composite resin. This construction not only makes it more lightweight than some of its counterparts, but it allows it to be resistant to corrosion from pumping potentially aggressive materials, also the effects of prolonged submersion, and normal wear on the machine.

The vortex impeller is a very good solution to clogging problems and to achieve this the UZ, U and PU series ar the answer. The UZ, U and PU series pump can pump numerous types of sewage and nearly toxic foreign substances.

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