Centrifugal Pump Applications

The centrifugal pump is designed for high efficiency and doesn’t consume a lot of power. However, it can’t be used for everything. There are some applications in which it is the best choice, but many in which it isn’t appropriate. It is important to know the difference. Here are some facts about centrifugal pumps and some of the industries in which they are used.

How a Centrifugal Pump Works

A centrifugal pump has a simple design: an impeller spinning inside of a casing. This converts rotational energy into centrifugal force by forcing liquid into the centre of the impeller and propelling it out of the impeller channel and then into the volute chamber. A portion of that force is converted into pressure because there is less space in the casing.

Centrifugal pumps provide, as mentioned above, high efficiency with low power usage. In some larger buildings, multiple centrifugal pumps are used in series, making the low power usage crucial. Because their design is so simple, centrifugal pumps require minimal maintenance and last longer than many other varieties.

Centrifugal Pump Applications - Pump Solutions Australasia

Centrifugal pumps are used for many applications, including water supply for large buildings, as supply pumps and as booster pumps. They are also used in the dairy, food, beverage and light chemical industries. They are efficient for pumping slurries and sewage due to their design. They are also used for heating and cooling systems and in fire protection systems.

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we import centrifugal pumps from the best manufacturers in the world, including Grundfos, Speck Pumpen, Lowara, Calpeda and Gorman Rupp.

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