Centrifugal Pump Applications

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Centrifugal Pump Applications

How a Centrifugal Pump Works

A centrifugal pump is classified as a “kinetic” pump. It consists of a shaft-driven impeller inside of a casing and a motor. The impeller rotates inside the casing. It draws water through the inlet and the impeller forces it outside through the discharge port. The velocity of the fluid as it leaves the pump is converted to pressure energy, which is called “head.”

Centrifugal Pump Benefits

A centrifugal pump is able to provide much higher flow rates than a standard positive displacement pump. The flow rate changes substantially, depending upon the changes in a measurement called Total Dynamic Head or “TDH.” The amount of fluid flowing out can be governed or decreased by installing a valve into the discharge piping. This doesn’t create excess pressure buildup, meaning that no pressure release valve is needed in the piping.

The result is that a centrifugal pump is among the more versatile types of pump for many applications.

Applications for a Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal pumps are used for a wide variety of applications. They are used in medical appliances for laser cooling, disinfection and water cooling. They are used in welding machinery to cool the welding pistons. On railcars, they are used for electronic cooling, transformer cooling, fuel supply, drinking water supply and wastewater supply.

They are used for process tempering and cooling in temperature controls, bottle filling, drink cooling and recirculation of drinks in drink dispensers. In general industry, they are used for laser cooling, switchboard cooling, process cooling, boiler feeding, water treatment, server cooling, washing and cleaning.

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