Centrifugal Pump Operation: Part 1

We are going to get technical in this two-piece series about centrifugal pump operation. This is condensed from the Pump Industry of Australia’s (PIA) Australian Pump Technical Handbook. We intend to make it a bit easier for people who aren’t engineers to understand. If you need more information, please contact the Pump Industry of Australia for their book.

Centrifugal Pump Operation Part 1

We would like to explore how you can use centrifugal pumps within a pumping system. Centrifugal pumps are one of the more common types of industrial pumps and have applications in many different industries. You can use different types and configurations depending upon need.

Multiple Centrifugal Pump Operation

Centrifugal pumps can be operated in series or in parallel to provide greater pump redundancy, enhance system flexibility, provide additional flow rate capacity or provide additional head to meet the requirements of your system.

Operating in Series

When you connect centrifugal pumps in series, the fluid discharged from one unit leads directly to the suction outlet of the next pump. This can also be described as using two single stage pumps to function as a double stage pump. Each individual pump imparts energy to the fluid you are pumping. This means that the total head of two pumps in series is the sum of the heads of the individual pumps added together.

When you operate centrifugal pumps in series, you must follow some basic rules. You must always make sure that the last pump in line, known as the “higher stage,” is rated for the higher pressure that will be created. You may need to use extra ribbing, extra bolting or stronger material.

Similarly, the stuffing box of the higher stage pump must be rated for higher suction pressure. Also all of the pumps must be filled with fluid during startup and during operation. The higher stage pump is to be started only after its predecessor is running.

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