Direct from South Africa: Balz Pumps

As our many repeat customers already know, we search all over the world to find the best and most reliable pump manufacturers. We know your operation is important and that you can’t afford downtime. For many of our customers, downtime can cost thousands of dollars.

Consequently, we feel you can’t afford to have anything but the best for your pumping facility. Literally everyone we have ever talked to has agreed that it is better to buy a high-quality pump and maintain it properly than it is to try and cut costs with off brands.

Recently, we added Balz Pumps to our stable of elite International pump manufacturers. Balz Pumps are known around the world for their unique, high-quality spindle pumps, used for dewatering in mining operations.

Balz Pumps: Why Are They so Great?

Direct from South Africa: Balz Pumps

Image Credit: Balz Pumps website

Balz Pumps are relatively new to the industry; they were established in 1984 in South Africa. Originally, they were a submersible pump repair company. This would eventually lead them to the mine dewatering industry. Led by Mr R.C. Gradidge and Mr V.C. Gradidge, who have more than 40 years combined experience in the industry, they offer a full menu of pumping expertise and technology.

In 2001, they introduced their spindle pumps which are designed specifically to stand up to the demands of the mine dewatering industry. Mining operations create conditions that tend to be extremely demanding for many kinds of pumps, shortening shelf life and increasing maintenance.

Balz spindle pumps are constantly updated with the newest technology to ensure efficient mine dewatering and minimal downtime.

Recently, they have created the VVS vortex type pumps and the HDSP slurry pumps.

The parent company is now called Lamco Engineering and they are situated in an area generally regarded as the hub of the South African mining industry. This location is not only convenient for the mining industry but also provides Lamco Engineering with immediate feedback on the efficacy and reliability of their products.

They specialise in the sourcing, production and distribution of a wide range of products designed to fulfil the needs of the South African mining industry. The end result is high quality at competitive prices.

It is their company mission to provide service excellence by complying to or exceeding all industry standards and providing the highest quality in both products and service. Their motto, “O.A.D.,” stands for “obsessive attention to detail.” They also have a strong commitment to doing business in an ethical manner.

Lamco Engineering is a certified level two BEE company which meets all DTI requirements. They are certified and accredited ISO 9001-2008.

To ensure the Integrity of their obsessive attention to detail, Balzs pumps are manufactured and repaired at their South African facility. This allows them to use the latest technology while applying what they consider to be the most stringent in-house standards in the industry.

Lamco engineering conducts risk assessments for all of their products to ensure that they turn out the safest and most reliable pumps possible. They consider their production facility to be state of the art and they pride themselves on superb workmanship performed by highly trained technicians.

The Core: the Pantented Balz Pump Innovation that Guarantees Longer Life

Balz Pumps are built with a patented technology that keeps water from having contact with the bearings. It is known as the first officially registered and patented bubble stealing system. The lower chamber of a Balz spindle pump is based on the same principle as an upturned container being submerged into water.

As you can see by simply submerging the lower half of a glass into water, this entraps air and creates a barrier between the inside of the glass and the water. The result is that the bearings stay dry as long as the configuration remains intact.

The problem with conventional spindle pumps is that the bearings are immediately flooded with the media being pumped. This shortens bearing life and lowers efficiency. Lamco Engineering has solved the most vexing problem associated with spindle pumps and the result is the best spindle pumps in the world.

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