Do You Need to Move Corrosive Fluids? Try a Peristaltic Pump

If you need to move corrosive fluids, a peristaltic pump is the standard pump of choice. A peristaltic pump is named after its action, which resembles peristalsis, or the mechanism of swallowing food or liquids, present in most mammals and reptiles.Peristaltic Pump

It is classified as a positive displacement pump; its advantage for use with corrosive fluids is that the fluids go through a tube, thus removing any chance of cross-contamination with other components of the pump that may be exposed. The peristaltic action is caused when one end of the tube is pinched, thus compressing the tube, and moving the fluid away from the compressed part of the tube.

In addition, when the pressure is released from the part of the tube that has been pinched, it draws fluids from the other end into the space that was just created. Usually, two or more rollers are used to initiate the pinching action; the rollers are attached to a rotor which is responsible for fluid movement.

Currently, we carry the Verderflex Dura series and the VF series, also from Verderflex. The Dura series is generally accepted as the first authentic advance in hose pump technology since the advent of the high pressure hose. It combines the compact size of a close-coupled pump with the performance of a traditional long coupled pump.

The Dura 10 has a maximum flow of 130 l/h, a maximum pressure of 12 bars, and a 0.55 kW motor. The Dura 15 has a maximum flow of 424 l/h, a maximum pressure of 12 bars, and a 0.92 kW motor. The Dura 25 has a maximum flow of 1190 l/h, a maximum pressure of 12 bars, and a 1.5 kW motor. The Dura 35 has a maximum flow of 5488 l/h, a maximum pressure of 12 bars, and a 3.0 kW motor.

The VF series is the original peristaltic hose pump from Verderflex. The VF 125 is currently the largest hose pump in the world. The smallest model: the VF 10, which has a maximum flow of his 0.18 m3/h, maximum pressure of 7.5/12 bars, and a 0.18 kW motor. The aforementioned VF 125 has a maximum flow of 90 m3/h, maximum pressure of 15 bars, and a 35 kW motor.

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