Extending the Life of your Fire Pump

Fire pumps are especially important because they maintain a safety net in case of a fire emergency. Because of this importance, you should make sure that the pumps are working the way that they are supposed to. In addition, you want your pump to last as long as it possibly can to reduce the cost of replacing and to not compromise any safety.

Weekly Check-ups

Extending the Life of your Fire PumpEven if the fire pump is not in use, it is still good practice to perform a weekly check-up on it to make sure that everything is running the way it should. Test the operation and controls and if it hasn’t been used, run the pump through the fire system. This will cycle fresh water through the pipes and will confirm if it is performing well. Clean the strainer out once a week as well to remove any build-up that naturally accrues over time. Check for leaks in the system, as well as paying attention to any unusual noises or vibrations coming from the pump or drive unit. If the necessary flow meters and pressure gauges are installed you can check and record the water pumping pressures and flows. Check the engine, if it is engine driven, and record the oil pressure, water temperature, charging voltage, running hours. Also check the condition of the starting battery(s), and if installed the trickle charger for the batteries. Check fuel level – there is no point in having a fire pump if it doesn’t have fuel.

Monthly Maintenance

In addition to weekly check-ups, you should also do a full maintenance check once every month. Run and clean as you normally would for the weekly check but also test any extra functions that are on the system, such as the manual override. Operate the transfer valves a couple of times and check the overall condition of the various components of the pump system.

Every 6 months or after 1000 total hours of use, grease and lubricate where required and flush out the system. If done correctly, the system will perform as designed. Continuous maintenance in this fashion will extend the overall life of the fire pump exponentially and possibly save you from a disaster.

Taking Care of Your Pump

Just like any other machine, your fire pump system requires regular maintenance to make sure that it is performing at optimal levels. Weekly and monthly check-ups will ensure that everything is clean and all fluids are in check. Doing this will not only ensure that it is working correctly but will extend the overall life of your pump by an incredible degree.

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