Gorman Rupp O Series PTO Pumps

Gorman Rupp are one of the largest manufacturers of centrifugal pumps in the world. Based in the US, they manufacture more than 3,000 different models of pumps. Like most of the successful global pump manufacturers, they have been in business a long time, but have still retained their original core values.

Gorman Rupp Pumps - O Series PTO Pumps

Their company philosophy is simply stated: Innovation, Improvement and Superior Products. To this end, they constantly update their designs and their state of the art manufacturing facility to ensure that they are always at the forefront of any changes in the industry. They are always working to make your pumps more efficient with longer service life.

Gorman Rupp O Series PTO Pumps

PTO stands for “Power Take Off” and the O Series is Gorman Rupp’s contribution to the industry. They are self-priming centrifugal pumps that are perfect for uses such as handling petroleum derivatives such as aircraft fuel, gasoline and fuel oil.

The PTO Series is manufactured with no check valves. This ensures a higher rate of suction when the pumps are transporting petroleum products, solvents and other, similar media. The O Series pumps are also used on water wagons.

The pump impeller and volute are available in lightweight aluminium. They also have a lightweight, replaceable wear ring made of bronze. They have helical gears, which help the O series run with very little noise. They are available with left hand rotation or right hand rotation. They are specially designed to be appropriate for truck mounting.

They are available in sizes from 50mm to 200mm. They have a maximum capacity of 97 lps and a maximum head of 140 m. They can handle solids up to 30mm and temperatures up to 71 C.

Gorman Rupp Centrifugal Pumps and More

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