Gorman Rupp Super T Series Self Priming Pumps

We are proud to have added Gorman Rupp Pumps to our lineup. Gorman Rupp have been manufacturing pumps since they were established in the USA in 1933. They are prolific manufacturers, offering more than 3,000 different pumps. They manufacture standard centrifugal pumps, self priming centrifugal pumps, rotary gear pumps, submersible pumps and diaphragm pumps.

Gorman Rupp Self Priming Pumps

Gorman Rupp self priming pumps are easy to service and easier to operate. They are capable of running above the water level, high and dry, making them easier to maintain than other designs.

Gorman Rupp Super T Series Self Priming Pumps

Gorman Rupp Super T Series

The Gorman Rupp Super T Series is designed to handle solids and slurries. Their capability for handling solids is world-renowned and they are possibly the most respected pump in their category.
Super T Series pumps have a large volute design which allows them to reprime automatically in an open system. This eliminates the need for suction check valves.

Their solids management system is called the Eradicator. It features a self-cleaning wear plate which is manufactured to contain a high percentage of grooves and notches. In addition, the Eradicator contains a patent-pending lacerating tooth.

The design of the Eradicator is a non-clog system to break up even stringy solids and easily pass them through the pump with no interruption of service or degradation of performance.

The back cover contains a patented innovation: a removable, lightweight inspection cover. This makes it easy to inspect the impeller. The design is innovative and helps the Super T series perform consistently with almost no clogging and only minimal downtime. The Super T series saves your business money two ways: enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime.

Sizes range from 80mm to 250mm. The maximum capacity is 215 lps. Maximum head is 40m. With a maximum spherical solids capacity of 76mm. The Super T Series offers construction material options of stainless steel, ductile iron, cast iron and CD4MCu.

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