Gorman Rupp Ultra V and VS Series Pumps for Solids and Slurries

Gorman Rupp makes pumps designed for heavy duty pumping of solids and slurries. Gorman Rupp are based in the US and have been manufacturing pumps since 1933. They now offer more than 3,000 different pumps. They are known for innovations in the industry and hold the patents on many industry standards.

Gorman Rupp pumps have one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world and have constantly reinvested and retooled to keep their equipment and logistics on the cutting edge of modern technology. They have a simple but effective corporate philosophy: Innovation, Improvement and Superior Products.

Their Ultra V Series pumps are specially designed for handling slurries and solids. They have head capabilities that are significantly higher than any similar equipment. Due to their design, any clogging can be removed through the opening for the cover plate. No special tools are needed and it doesn’t disturb the piping.

Gorman Rupp Pumps - Ultra V and VS Series

The Ultra V Series comes in three sizes: 80 mm, 100 mm and 150 mm. They have a maximum capacity of 120 lps and maximum head of 99 m. They can handle solids up to 76 mm. They are made of cast iron, stainless steel and CD4MCu.

If you need more than the Ultra V can give you, the Ultra VS is available with the Ultra Mate pump. An innovative transition chamber is used to mount the Ultra Mate pump directly to the Ultra V. This can provide up to three times the maximum pressure that any traditional self-priming single stage pumps for the handling of solids can provide.

This reduces the losses that can occur with conventional pumps connected in series, which results in more efficient operation and more output.

The Ultra V and Ultra Mate have an interchangeable back cover plate and rotating assembly, meaning you don’t have to have as many spare parts around for immediate changing.

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