Grundfos Leads the Way with Energy Saving Pumps

Sometimes, what happens thousands of miles away in Vancouver, British Columbia, can have an impact on water pumps in Perth, Australia. British Columbia is as cold as Australia is hot. They are mountainous while Australia is mostly shoreline, coastal cities and towns, and bushland, with the occasional rolling hill.


The common ground: energy conservation and sustainability. Vancouver is a coastal city that has numerous high-rise buildings. In the city, condos, hotels, and office buildings are usually very tall. With all of these high-rise buildings comes a big problem: maintaining water pressure on the top floors.

Nobody wants to rent in a building that can’t provide adequate water pressure to all of its occupants. In any building that is rented or leased, high occupancy makes the difference between making money or losing one’s shirt. Recently, the Sheraton Wall Centre decided to ask Grundfos for help.

The Sheraton Wall Centre occupies twin towers which are each 49 storeys tall. As many Vancouver area businesses do, the Sheraton is dedicated to being “green,” or doing its best to conserve energy and promote sustainability. When management discovered that they were expending excess energy to provide adequate water pressure, they called Grundfos in for a pump audit.

While some companies would have taken advantage of this and ripped out the old pumps to install all their own product, Grundfos Canada engineer Sherezad Shafiq was able to present a much more cost-effective solution that was almost totally non-disruptive of water service in the hotel.

After analysing the amount of water and the energy it took to get it there, the Grundfos solution was to simply install the MCP BoosterpaQ, which has three CR pumps with variable speed, along with a controller package. This produced the correct water pressure while saving energy.

Instead of a major install, all they did was put in the three new pumps on each building alongside of those already in use. When the pumps were put into action between 3am and 6am, there was almost no disruption of water service for the guests, and there were no complaints.

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