How Verderflex Pumps Help Make Wine

Verderflex has a reputation for making the best peristaltic pumps in the industry. That is why we distribute Verderflex pumps. We only import the best pumps from around the world because we know that downtime can cost you money. We know that you need the most efficient, reliable pumps for all industrial applications.

Verderflex pumps are used for a variety of applications: mining, wastewater, printing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, automotive and the food and beverage industry. Peristaltic pumps are so named because they mimic the action of your digestive tract when you swallow; that process is called “peristalsis.”

Verderflex Pumps Help Make Wine

Peristaltic pumps are great for uses where sanitation is mandatory and contamination cannot be tolerated. The fluid being moved through the hose is never touched by any of the pump mechanism, which squeezes the hose at one end and moves towards the exit, pushing the fluid along as it goes.

Peristaltic Pumps Used in Filter Press for Wine

In modern winemaking operations, the juice from grapes is fermented in giant stainless steel vats that are opened at the top. Yeast is added, which converts the grape sugars into alcohol. When the alcohol is produced, the yeast is then filtered out, leaving pure liquid wine.

The way the yeast is removed is by the addition of diatomaceous earth (DE), which forms a slurry and attracts the yeast to cluster with the DE. A Verderflex peristaltic pump is then used to pump the slurry into the filter press. The press system contains a VF-25 hose pump which is fed through a 32 mm suction line. The line is fitted through a converter and connects to 25 mm tubing.

When the chambers are filled with the slurry of wine, yeast and DE, the pressure is approximately 10 bar. This is the maximum pressure, so the Verderflex pump is fitted with a sensor that stops the Verderflex pump if the pressure reaches 10 bar.

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