If You have an Industrial Application, We Have a Verderflex Peristaltic Pump

Peristaltic pumps are very versatile. They work by peristalsis, which is the process that pushes food down the GT tract. Since pumps don’t have muscles, they use a rotor with shoes, also called wipers, lobes, or rollers. As the rotor moves, the shoe compresses the tube in a circular motion, moving fluids as it goes.

Non-industrial applications include pumping fluids that cannot risk cross-contamination, such as aggressive fluids, clean fluids, or sterile fluids. They are also used in heart-lung machines during heart bypass surgery. Here are some industrial uses:

Anaerobic Digestion Sludge Transfer

In biofuel energy plants, heavy sludge is sent to digestion tanks. The Verderflex peristaltic pump is appropriate because it has a very high suction lift.

Transfer of Water Based Ink

A printing company had changed to water based ink, and was experiencing quality issues because the AODD pumps they were using caused the ink to foam. They installed Dura 15 pumps on every print line, and the gentle peristaltic action prevented bubbles from forming.

Thickener Underflow Slurry

In South Africa, Verderflex 6 X 125’s are used at the world’s most high-volume Platinum concentrators. They pump 60-80% solid content, 1.8SG platinum and chrome slurry.

Dosing Copperas Crystal

Solid Ferrous Sulphate, known as copperas crystals, are mixed down into a liquid. The liquid is then re-circulated and put through Dura 15 pumps for dosing. This produces a protective iron coating which eventually covers titanium condensation tubes.

Dosing Calcium Hypochlorite

Diaphragm dosing pumps that were producing vapour lock were replaced by 3 Dura 25 pumps with PP flanges. This process is crucial to sterilising the water supply, which serves a large, informal settlement in Johannesburg.

Filter Press Feed

Verderflex hose pumps help compensate for an imbalance of high and low pressures in a chamber filter press system, providing consistent and reliable results.

Filling UV Ink Bottles

Rapide R17S and R3S models were used to fill UV ink bottles, cutting labour costs.

Activated Carbon

Activated carbon, also called lime milk, is transferred as an important step in plants that treat potable water and wastewater. Verderflex peristaltic pumps produce maximum power with a minimum footprint. Peristaltic pumps are reliable and efficient, resulting in lowered maintenance and electricity costs.

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