Introducing: the Flexibore 100 Series Hose

We import the finest pumps into Australia from around the world. What you may not know is that we also have access to every heart associated with pumps and with pumping water. One such product is the Flexibore 100 Series hose.

Pumps in Australia - Flexibore 100 Series HoseThe Flexibore 100 series hose is the most cost-effective and the most efficient way to pump water from a borehole. It is designed to reduce installation time for bore pumps Shallower than 100 m. In addition, it still retains all of the advantages of a flexible riser.

Because of its design, it is easy to install in domestic and rural applications and in more remote areas that have difficult accessibility.

Flexible Riser for Pumping Groundwater

The Flexibore 100 Series is compatible with almost all high quality submersible pumps and suits most borehole applications. For depths of up to 100 meters, the inner diameters are 32mm and 50mm. For anything deeper, you can order the Flexibore 200 Series.

Flexibore 100 hoses are designed to replace rigid style water pipes made out of PVC or Poly, which can produce slower flow rates due to inner encrustations. If your pump needs to be serviced, it can be difficult to remove a PVC or Poly pipe. Due to Flexibore having high tensile strength, there is no safety cable required.

General Applications

Flexibore 100 Series hoses are often used for municipal or domestic water supply, mine dewatering, industrial or rural bore water retrieval, test pumping and other ground water projects.

Easy Installation

Flexibore 100 Series hoses are easily attached to your pump via patented couplings. A crane or a simple rolling wheel is used to lower the pump into the bore, complete with hose and cables attached. Because of its design and continuous length, it doesn’t take nearly as long to install a Flexibore 100 series hose as it does a rigid pipe.

For the Best Pumps in Australia and More

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