Maintenance Tips for Your Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump can provide years of consistent service, but it has to be maintained correctly. Since many rotary vane vacuum pumps are “on” 24/7, maintenance is crucial to continue high level performance. Here are some tips to keep downtime to a minimum.

Have a BackupM

Even with the highest quality pump and perfect maintenance, downtime can still occur. Keep a backup pump available to minimise downtime.

Maintenance Tips for Your Vacuum Pump

Change Your Oil

Changing oil on a regular basis is the one most important thing that you must do to keep a pump well-maintained. It is mandatory that you create an oil maintenance schedule and stick to it. 3,000 hours of run time is accepted as the industry standard for maximum usage between oil changes. If your pump, like most, is running 24/7, it works out to four months or 125 days.

Some operations change their oil every six months to do it at the same time as other scheduled maintenance. We would rather see you stick to every four months. However, if you do try to stretch it to 6 months, make sure the oil coming out is still clean enough to provide excellent lubrication. If your oil has broken down or become dirty, you should not, under any circumstances, stick to a 6-month schedule.

Keep it Cool

Any motor’s natural enemy is heat. Your pump should have a supply of fresh air. If it is enclosed, use a fan for cooling. If you can, install the pump in an area with open air. The heat will lower the viscosity of your oil, hindering its ability to pull a good vacuum. If your vacuum pump doesn’t pull a good vacuum, things can deteriorate rapidly.

You also need to ensure that other conditions don’t overheat your oil. If you overheat your oil, it can harden after it cools down. This can prevent your pump from operating.

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