Company Background

Flojet is the market leader in water pumps, systems and related equipment. They were established in 1975, specialising in pumps for special applications. They have since grown into a leading international supplier of motors, small pumps and dispensing pumps for many different office, recreational and home applications.

Flojet products are used in many industries, such as the recreational vehicle, marine, water purification and beverage markets. Flojet has become the “go-to” source for these industries due to a commitment to sterling customer service and never-ending research, development and innovation.


Flojet has integrated and amalgamated most manufacturing processes into its operation. This has enabled Flojet to manufacture most of the components in their products and develop their own investment moulds and assembly equipment.

ISO 9001 Certified

Due to their never-ending commitment to quality, Flojet has earned ISO 9001 certification. This is the “gold standard” in the water dispensing industry.