Fluid o Tech

Fluid-O-Tech was established in 1948 and the business is run by a family from their home base in Italy, specifically in Milano. Fluid-O-Tech has created an international market, as well as a network of distributors for their high-quality pumps, wherein Pump Solutions Australasia is a part of. We have been working with the pump experts at Fluid-O-Tech since 1992 and has been Australia’s importer for their pumps. Pump Solutions Australasia also offers repairs and service to all Fluid-O-Tech pumps.

Fluid-O-Tech pumps cover a wide range of applications, but are mostly used for steam generators, coffee machines, water circulation and reverse osmosis.

The most popular pump from Fluid-O-Tech is their rotary vane pump (PA series), which can pump heads as high as 18 bar, or 180 metres. These pumps are positive displacement pumps, allowing them to maintain even the highest range of flow rates.

Though Fluid-O-Tech pumps are often made of brass, stainless steel is often used by those who need to pump aggressive products. Fluid-O-Tech manufactures an extensive range of products. The base model is a small pump that can handle 36 LPH. Pump sizes increase in moderate increments up to 2100 LPH.

Though the standard increment is 100 LPH, Fluid-O-Tech pumps can often be customised for numerous applications by changing the mounting style and/or impeller shaft. Adjustments can also be made by including or not including a filter and/or pressure regulator or relief valve. Other variables include drive seals, controllers and variable speed drives.

The MG Series gear pump is Fluid-O-Tech’s second most popular pump. They are high-pressure, small-volume pumps that are magnetically driven, usually by brushless, high-speed electric motors capable of being controlled by a PC. They vary between 30 to 90 LPH and may be equipped with Peek gears or PTFE gears, dependent upon their purpose.

Fluid-O-Tech also makes a DG Series pump which is similar to the MG Series, but used for more viscous fluids. The DG Series also offers shaft-sealed and magnetic drive pumps.

Fluid-O-Tech also provides a full line of oscillating pumps that are used mainly in coffee machines. They can also be used to pump food items, like syrup, in accurate quantities. Oscillating piston pumps can be ordered in many different configurations: with or without safety valve, single or dual pump and 24V AC or 230V AC. Flow rates can vary from 40-140 LPH and discharge or head pressures can range up to 13 bar.

Fluid-O-Tech also makes a fluid powered proportioning pump, called the FPP series. FPP pumps have fixed ratios that ensure precise mixing of food products or chemicals. The materials used in manufacturing the FPP series can be used in food grade operations, but are also solid enough for use in chemical dosing, fertiliser dosing and post mix dispensing systems. They can also serve as pressure boosters. They are manufactured with materials that are resistant to chemicals, with flow rates between 250-350 LPH and maximum inlet pressure of 20 bar.