Tsurumi Pump
Tsurumi is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of submersible pumps. They are located in Osaka, Japan and were established in 1924. Today, they have over 40 distributors across the globe.

Tsurumi primarily makes four different types of pumps: corrosion resistant pumps, sewerage/wastewater pumps, sand/slurry pumps and dewatering pumps.

Tsurumi dewatering pumps are very versatile and can be used for pumping clean or dirty water, with high volume pumping or high head pumping. Tsurumi pumps all contain mechanical seals made of silicon carbide, which prevents wear and tear in adverse conditions. They also feature anti-wicking cable entry; this prevents water from entering the pump if the power cable is damaged. Tsurumi pumps are built to rigid specifications that allow them to withstand the demands of contractor dewatering. Units vary from 0.55 kW to 110 kW.

Tsurumi sand/slurry pumps are manufactured with slower motor speeds, hard metal wearing parts, thermal motor protection and heavy duty castings and components which help reduce wear and tear. They vary up to 75 kW and have discharge diameters as high as 10”.

The sewerage pumps are wide-ranging, from 15 kW to 110 kW with 800 mm discharge. This ensures that there is a Tsurumi pump for every application. Tsurumi sewerage pumps are available with duck foot bends and guide rail fitting or as freestanding units.

Tsurumi corrosion resistant pumps are available in sizes up to 11 kW and are manufactured with cast 316 stainless steel. If cast 316 stainless steel isn’t enough, Tsurumi offers pumps made of titanium for even more corrosion resistance.

Sewerage pumps are manufactured with various impeller styles, such as cutter single vane channel, two vane closed impellers, single vane channel and vortex. In addition, a grinder pump range with a built in cutter is available.

Tsurumi manufactures many different options for wastewater treatment equipment, including scum skimmers, bar screens, aeration pumps, decanting pumps and mixers. They are available in sizes ranging up to 40 kW and with aeration capabilities as high as 528 m³/hr. Ejector pumps or mixers are a standard sewerage pump, but with an ejector tube. The ejector tube mixes and aerates the tank by discharging a powerful jet of air bubbles and water into it.