Meet Speck Pumps

Speck Pumps, or Speck Pumpen, is one of the most respected manufacturers of pumps in the world. They offer many kinds of water pumps, including liquid ring vacuum pumps and submersible side channel pumps. They also build compressors. All Speck pumps and compressors are of the highest quality.

Speck Pumps Importer AustraliaWe would like to tell you a bit about Speck Pumps to provide insight into the care and quality they put into every pump.

Speck Pumpen has been in business since 1909, when it was established by Daniel Speck and his five sons. They now supply their pumps and compressors to more than 40 countries. Usually, they manufacture pumps based on what is ordered.

They have a strong focus on customer service. Their customer service people have incredible expertise and an extensive knowledge base. Due to their order-based manufacturing, they are able to offer customised solutions to industrial accounts. This has helped differentiate them from their direct competition.

Speck pumps are used in a number of industries, including the pharmaceutical, chemical, medical and plastic industries. They are also used for tempering and cooling appliances. Speck pumps are unique because numerous variants are built to provide customised solutions.

Speck Pumpen is still headquartered where they began, in Roth, Germany. However, they also manufacture products in China and have distribution facilities in the US,
Taiwan, Thailand, Spain, Switzerland and France.

Speck’s internal standards for quality control are among the most stringent in the industry, making them compliant with all international and national regulations. All of their production facilities are outfitted with the most modern manufacturing hardware and software. They believe in constant reinvestment of profits into improving their company, ensuring that they will stay “on top” for years to come.

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