Outsourcing Maintenance: Why it is Better than In-House Maintenance

While many know us only as a prolific importer of pumps in Australia, we also offer a full menu of maintenance services. We import the best high quality pumps from around the world, but even a high quality pump is worthless if it is not properly maintained.

From mining to manufacturing to massive water treatment facilities, pumps must be maintained on a regular basis to work at optimum efficiency and with minimal downtime. This raises an important question: “Should maintenance be outsourced or should it be handled in-house?”

For consumers in everyday life, this question usually has an easy answer. If a person needs their car fixed, they take it to a mechanic. If their plumbing is leaking, they call a plumber. If someone has the talent and know how to do the work themselves, they often do it themselves to save money. Sadly, though, they often end up paying more to have a professional repair their repair job then they would have paid to just consult a professional in the first place.

In many industrial settings, however, businesses tend to handle their maintenance in-house. In situations where they feel that constant ongoing maintenance is required, they feel that it is easier and more efficient to handle it in-house instead of having to call someone else in an emergency.

Why it is Better than In-House Pumps Maintenance

While this approach works well for many, it is also increasingly more difficult in an age where specialization has become more prominent. In today’s competitive environment, companies tend to hire people who specialize in one thing and do it well. In theory, this allows everyone to concentrate on what they do best. But does it really work like that with specialised equipment such as pumps?

Most maintenance departments are good at keeping things running through preventative maintenance. This is a progression from the era when most maintenance was reactive: when something broke you would fix it. While preventive maintenance is effective in many cases, it still doesn’t keep machinery from breaking down. This is especially relevant with specialised machinery such as pumps.

Today, the best approach is called predictive maintenance. Predictive maintenance is just as it sounds. You fix your equipment before it breaks down. This saves on downtime, which can make a significant difference in revenue for any business.

However, predictive maintenance requires a wealth of knowledge about specialised equipment. It also requires the proper tools. Does your business have a pump specialist who has the knowledge and equipment necessary to keep your pumps running 24/7/365 without breaking down?

Why Outsourcing is More Effective for Pumps

When you outsource maintenance for pumps, this allows you to have experts in the field who specialize in various aspects of pump maintenance and repair. You can hire people whose expertise is not only in pumps, but even more specialized. You can hire people who work only on pumps, motors, seals and valves.

While most maintenance staffs are quite talented, especially when it comes to everyday problems, what happens when they run into uncommon problems? Even with high quality pumps, there are going to be problems that your in-house maintenance staff just haven’t seen before.

If your maintenance staff is unable to solve a problem that requires a specialised skill set and specialised tools, it can cost you thousands of dollars and even result in you having to replace expensive equipment.

Can you afford to take that risk?

Hire the Experts at Pump Solutions Australasia

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