Overcome These Barriers for Wastewater Plant Efficiency

We have provided pumps and pumping systems for numerous wastewater plants across Australia. We thought it might be helpful to tell you about these barriers to increasing wastewater plant efficiency and how to overcome them.

Is it Really Funding?

Sometimes it seems like it is impossible to get the funding necessary for improving efficiency in a wastewater or water plant. If often feels like we are dependent upon grants, hard-to-obtain financing or other forms of funding. But is it really all about the money? Here are what we see as the real barriers keeping you from obtaining funding.

Making a Convincing Case on the Business End

It is important to convince the people holding the purse strings that it is in their best interest to replace it given part or system that is affecting planned efficiency. It is important to show where all of the savings are during the life cycle of a given piece of equipment. This includes future replacement, maintenance costs, system reliability and labour time

The more comprehensive you are on presenting an accurate picture of the cost, the easier it is to obtain funding.

Overcome These Barriers for Wastewater Plant Efficiency - Pumps and Pumping Solutions

Risk Management

Ultimately, we are in the risk management business. Our wastewater and water treatment infrastructure helps protect both public and environmental health. That is why the permits and treatment requirements are so strict. What are perceived risk is actually real or not, there is a certain amount of uncertainty that comes with modifying wastewater systems.

When this uncertainty causes delay, it can cost money and lower output and efficiency. It is important to have access to documentation that a proposed change will benefit your operation.

Updated Training

Equipment and procedures change almost daily as technology continues to progress at an ever quickening rate. It is important that your employees are trained in how to maximize smart technology and other advances in the field.

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