How to Prevent Pump Corrosion

Prevent Pump CorrosionIf you use any kind of pump in your industrial operations, especially submersible pumps, you want to make sure that they last a long time. The biggest part of this is being able to prevent corrosion in all parts of the pump. Corrosion can wear down pumps, decreasing their lifespan. This problem can also compromise the delivery of fluids and other products. Thus, you want to avoid as much as possible.

The Right Kind of Pump

The easiest and best way to avoid corrosion is to choose the best kind of pump to suit the environment you are in and the materials it will be pumping. Corrosion is natural and almost unavoidable with time, but it can be delayed and slowed if you choose high quality pumps that are capable of handling harsh substances and can withstand extreme environments.

For example, certain centrifugal pumps are made from materials that are designed to be submerged in salt water, so use this kind if you are pumping seawater. Research which pumps work best in your specific application or field and if your unit can stand the conditions to prevent corrosion.

External Parts

The surfaces of the pump that are exposed to the outside, should also be protected from corrosion. While these parts may not be directly exposed to the pumped material, they are still often affected by a potentially hostile environment, especially if the pump is submerged.

To protect these parts of the pump, use materials that are resistant to rust, water or the environment around it. You can coat the surface with paint or similar products that can help protect it. An appropriate paint system is a practical means to prevent corrosion of the external surfaces because it can repel not just water, but other contaminants as well.

Long Live the Pump

When placed into an environment that can wear away a pump, it is important to employ techniques and materials that help prevent the corrosion of the equipment to make sure that it can function for a long time. Choose the pump best suited for the specific environment you will be pumping in and use protective coating on external parts for best results.

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