Pump Applications in the Medical Industry

Since 1990, we have supplied vacuum pumps and numerous varieties of water pumps in Perth and across Australia. Here are some medical uses you may or may not know about.

Air Mattresses

Medical grade air mattresses have individual coils to adapt to patients, helping to protect them from bedsores.


Aspirators are modified diaphragm pumps used to remove debris, fluids or tissue from injury sites. These are most commonly used for surgery.


Vacuum Pump for Medical Industry

Autoclaves are used for sterilisation with vacuum pumps used to evacuate the chambers.

Blood Analysers

Blood analysers provide real-time readings when time is of the essence. They can measure glucose, white blood cell count and medication levels. Compressed air is used for many of the processes.

Compression Therapy

Compressed air is used to fill compression chambers.

Dental Carts

The cart that sits between the dentist and the patient needs vacuum and compressed air for its various functions.

Dialysis Machines

These replace the kidneys and filter all of a patient’s blood during one sitting. A peristaltic pump is used to move the blood.


A nebuliser uses an air compressor to turn medications into a fine, breathable mist.

Nitrogen Generators

These convert compressed air into dry nitrogen to supply medical instruments.

Oxygen Concentrators

These use compressed air and convert an ambient oxygen count of 21% to one approaching 99.5%.


These are worn by doctors, nurses and other personnel, especially in operating rooms. They protect both the medical personnel and the patients.

Wound Aerators

These provide controlled pressure to wounds and help speed healing by increasing the amount of oxygen to the wound site.

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