Style 9001B

Style 9001B packing has a fairly large range of applications. It can be used as a general purpose pump packing and in applications such as petrochemical pumps, high speed pumps, boiler feed pumps, reactor pumps, etc.

Style 9001B has the following attributes

  • It has the ability to run dry without major detrimental effects on the packing.
  • It can withstand extremely high pressures and high shaft speeds.
  • It is resistant to abrasion which makes it suitable for applications such as slurries, pulp and the like..
  • It has good “PH” resistance and is effective in acidic or alkaline conditions.


Pressure Rating:
Temperature Rating:
Maximum Shaft Speed:
Chemical Rating:
Size Range:
218 Bar
– 45°C to 460 °C
24 m/s
PH = 0 to 14
¼ inch to 1 inch
(6.4mm to 25.4mm)