Rotary Vane and Gear Pumps


Rotary vane pumps are simple displacement and positive fixed pumps that are adjustable. They normally produce higher efficiencies compared to gear pumps and are generally utilised for average pressures as high as 18 bars. They are simply designed to promote efficiency. This makes rotary vane pumps last for long periods of time with very little maintenance. Their simplicity also makes them cost-efficient to repair and purchase.

Gear pumps are also positive displacement pumps with simple designs. They feature external gear teeth which mesh to create pressure on the outlet side of the pump by forcing fluid around the gears. The displacement or swept volume that a gear pump will produce for hydraulics will be from 1cm³ to 200 cm³.

While older gear pumps tend to be a bit noisy, modern gear pumps are much quieter and very reliable, once again due to simplicity in design.