Mag Driven Rotary Vane Pumps

  • TH 500-1000 Series

    TH 500-1000 Series

    The Fluid-o-Tech magnetic drive rotary vane pumps range widens with the introduction of the TH series which combines the larger flow rate (500 to 1000 l/h at 1450 rpm or 160 to 330 GPH at 1725 rpm) with the added benefit of the magnetic coupling:
    • longer service life
    • no mechanical seals
    • totally sealed body
    • low maintenance
    • less power consumption
    • smooth transmission

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  • TM 300-400 Series

    TM 300-400 Series

    The new tm300-400 Series pumps have been designed to deliver a smooth flow rate reliably for a long time. The pump, with stainless steel housing and rotor and carbon graphite pumping chamber with NBR seals, is NSF certified for use in contact with potable water.

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  • TMCF01S-TMCF07S Series

    TMCF01S-TMCF07S Series

    Fluid-o-Tech has combined its expertise in rotary vane pumps and magnet drives to exclusively manufacture this series of pumps. The principle of the magnet drive is the driving force of the pole-to-pole alignment of two magnets. Compared to conventional coupling, the magnet drive has several advantages:
    • longer service life
    • no leaks or contamination
    • noiseless operation
    • no contact between pump & motor shaft
    • higher efficiency

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