Gorman Rupp PTO Series (Power Take Off)

Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps


Gorman Rupp PTO Series pumps provide the performance to handle the rates of fuel required by service carriers and suppliers. These pumps are ideal for handling fuel oil, gasoline or other petroleum based products. And, when necessary, their efficient, economical design permits multiple unit installation making them perfect for fire trucks and water wagons. Power Take-Off pumps are made for single saddle mounting with offset drive shafts that can be mounted in one of four positions to assist in shaft alignment. All models are equipped with quiet-running, durable helical gears and are available in right or left rotation. Units can be adapted to be driven by DC or hydraulic motor as an alternate.


Gorman-Rupp O Series PTO pumps are ideal for a variety of clean liquid-handling applications. Applications such as dust control at a quarry or construction site, supplying aircraft fuel, PTO pumps excel in moving fluids that do not contain large solids.

Manufacturer: Gorman Rupp

Industry: Domestic, Mining, Oil And Gas, Industrial, Irrigation And Agriculture, Water Utilities

Pump Uses: Chemical Pumping, Cleanwater Pumping, Dewatering, Firefighting, Petroleum Pumps, Process Water Pumps, Water Transfer

Pump Type: Centrifugal

Pump Style: Centrifugal Pumps