Gorman Rupp Reliasource Packaged Pump Stations

Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps


Gorman Rupp Packaged Pump Stations are customisable above and below ground lift stations to suit a wide range of applications, the packaged pump stations are a simple process for the end user to simply place in the position, connect the pipe & electrical supplies. This means that there is no need for major construction on sites, no need for builders and no need for structural engineering, its already all done by Gorman Rupp as part of the Reliasource Pump Package. Made from high quality components, Gorman Rupp Reliasource Packaged Pump Stations are built for harsh environments and packed with a 5 year guarantee, full backup support and peace of mind, Reliasource truly are the complete packaged deal.   Pump Size: 2” (50 mm), 3” (75 mm), 4” (100 mm), 6” (150 mm), 8” (200 mm), 10” (250 mm), 12” (300 mm) Max. Capacity: 328.1 lps Max. Solids: 76.2 mm Max. head: 97.5 m Max Temperature: 71°C Power: 1.5kW to 110kW


Gorman Rupp Reliasource Packaged Pump Stations are suited to applications that are remote, applications in residential estates, municipal stations, temporary construction sites, mine sites and many more.

Manufacturer: Gorman Rupp

Industry: Domestic, Mining, Oil And Gas, Industrial, Food & Beverage, Irrigation And Agriculture, Water Utilities

Pump Uses: Booster Pump, Borehole/Groundwater Pumping, Cleanwater Pumping, Dewatering, Firefighting, Process Water Pumps, RO Water Feed Pumping, Seawater Pumping, Sewage Pumping, Slightly Dirty Water Pumping, Slurry Pumping, Water Transfer

Pump Type: Centrifugal

Pump Style: Self-Priming Pumps