Pump Solutions Australasia and Tsurumi: Aerator Pumps for your Wastewater and Aquafarm Needs

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we carry a full line of Tsurumi aerator pumps. Aerator pumps are submersible water pumps that inject air into water. They are used primarily for wastewater treatment and for aerating water in ponds or aquafarms, but can be used anywhere water lacks oxygen, often referred to as being in “anoxic condition.”

Why Aerator Pumps?

Aeration PumpsIn nature, water usually has plenty of oxygen to sustain a rich variety of water life, from plants to fish. Unfortunately, human tampering often depletes oxygen from water, which can cause organisms in the water to die off. When dissolved oxygen is infused into a water supply, it not only gives more oxygen to the fish and plants, but it also helps release hydrogen sulphide, methane, and carbon dioxide to the surface.

In aquafarming, aeration is required because more life forms are forced into the water than it can sustain on its own. It is a matter of simple mathematics; the increased number of fish or plants require more oxygen than the water can supply. Thus, oxygen has to be supplied from outside the water if the fish and plant life are to survive. An aerator pump is a great solution to the problem, supplying oxygen to the water by a process called subsurface aeration.

Subsurface aeration occurs when bubbles of oxygen are released at the bottom of a body of water, and allowed to rise to the surface. The bubbles displace the water as they rise, and that allows oxygen transfer from the bubble to the water through contact.

The main application, though, is sewage plants. Aeration is part of the secondary stage of waste treatment. Most waste treatment plants use aerobic biological processes to remove biological content from sewage. The biological components need oxygen and food to live. They get their oxygen from aerator pumps, and the organic contaminants in the sewage serves as their food.

What is Tsurumi?

Tsurumi is a company located in Kyoto, Japan. They have been manufacturing pumps since 1924. They produced their first submersible pump in 1953, and have been responsible for many advances in the design of submersible pumps.

Tsurumi now has a manufacturing capacity of approximately one million pumps per year. Their testing facility has the capability of testing pumps as large as 3m / 3000 mm bore. They are currently the world’s most prolific manufacturer of submersible pumps, and are on pace to turn out 500,000 pumps in 2013. They export pumps to virtually every major continent: Australia, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and, of course, their own continent, Asia.

Tsurumi pumps all carry a three year warranty from the manufacturer.

TRN Series

The TRN series of submersible aerator pumps is self-aspirating. It contains a semi-open impeller which produces negative pressure. This pressure transfers air from above the surface of the water. The air then mixes with the water, and it is discharged from the pump at a high rate. This causes the oxygen to dissolve efficiently into the water.

The recommended applications are waste treatment and aquafarms. The smallest pump has a maximum air flow rate of 8 m3/hr, and the largest has a maximum rate of 528 m3/hr. The smallest air inlet bore is 32 mm, while the largest is 150 mm. Each TRN submersible pump comes with a screwed flange and a silencer and valve set.

BER Series

The BER series is classified as a submersible injector pump. It consists of a venturi-jet pump and a B-series sewage pump. Like the TRN series, it is self-aspirating, and also mixes the air with the water within the pump, discharging the mixture out of the diffuser. The primary means of mixing the air and water is vertical stirring convection caused by a powerful rush of air and water through a single jet.

The BER series is also recommended for sewage treatment and aquafarming. The air inlet bores range in size from 25 mm to 50 mm, and the airflow rate is a maximum of 9 m3/hr from the smallest pump, and 120 m3/hr from the largest one. Standard accessories include a 5 m lifting chain, a silencer and valve set, suction casing, a screwed flange, and a diffuser with base.

For More Information

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We also carry a full range of submersible pumps for applications such as draining water from a flooded basement, irrigation systems, slurry pumping, or your backyard water well.