Pump Solutions Australasia Introduces New Fluid-O-Tech F-Soda Streaming System

Leading pumps provider Pump Solutions Australasia enables Perth area businesses and residents to make their own soda for a fraction of the price of bottled soda.

Pump Solutions Australasia is proud to offer the Fluid-O-Tech F-Soda water carbonation system to Australian homes and businesses. F-Soda is completely self-contained, and is easily integrated into many different appliances. F-Soda is compact but versatile, and has many applications. It can be used for vending machines, post-mix, soda dispensers, and home dispensers.

F-Soda’s patented design allows it to operate at low pressure, producing higher safety and reliability standards than the norm using existing technology. Despite the low pressure, it reaches high levels of carbonation. The F-Soda is highly adaptable, and it can be adjusted and set for carbonation level by using the CO2 pressure regulator. It can also be adjusted for various water to post mix ratios to adjust the taste of the soda.

Fluid-O-Tech F-Soda Streaming System

F-Soda is built sturdily but simply, and is very easy for professionals and non-professionals alike to use. The system is equipped with an integrated circuit board which seamlessly integrates and controls its various functions. This allows the user to get optimum results with minimal effort. The F-Soda is equipped with a low-noise pump that not only makes less noise, but consumes less energy than standard pumps.

The F-Soda is twice as big as a standard home use soda stream system, but still compact. It measures 430 mm in height by 146 mm in width, and has a 1.29 litre tank with an available fluid volume of 1.0 litre. The tank takes 90 seconds to refill, and the recommended water temperature is between 4° to 8° Celsius or 40° to 47° Fahrenheit.

Mike Hurlbatt, Owner of Pump Solutions Australasia, is excited to offer F-Soda: “We don’t just sell every product that comes into the marketplace. We do our research well, and only offer products that we feel provide above-average performance for their price points. We are very happy with the F-Soda, and we feel that small businesses and home users alike will be very satisfied with how quickly and easily it prepares great soda.”

Hurlbatt continued, “It is compact, but performs as well as the large, bulky machines used in restaurants. Best of all, the soda is every bit as good as that at your favourite restaurant. In some cases, it’s even better, because you can control the amount of carbonation and the mix ratio.”

Hurlbatt elaborated: “It is well-known that major restaurant chains make proprietary tweaks in mix ratios and psi values to produce tastes that are unique to their brand. The F-Soda allows users the opportunity to do the same thing when customising their own sodas. The basic adjustments are easy: more syrup, less syrup, more carbonation, and less carbonation.”

Hurlbatt concluded, “If you ever wanted fresh soda the way you like it, on your terms, at your time, and in your home or business, F-Soda will provide it for you. The F-Soda water carbonation system is truly a professional system that is now available for home use.”

Pump Solutions Australasia is an Australian firm that provides quality pumps for all your needs, from commercial and industrial water and waste pumps to home submersible pumps and soda dispensers.

For more information, please visit the Pump Solutions Australasia website here:
http://www.pumpsolutions.com.au/ or call them directly at 1300 793 418.