Pump Strainers: Why They Are Important

The Perfect Filter

Importance of Pump StrainersThe primary function of a strainer in a pump system is to serve as a filter for the pump and the piping. This may seem like such a simple task but this component is not to be taken for granted. Although it is not always visible, over time, tiny sediments such as sand, dirt or grit can build up in the pipeline.

If there is nothing to catch this debris, not only will it contaminate whatever water or fluid you are trying to pump but it can also clog the pipes, making it difficult for anything to get through. To prevent this from happening, a good strainer should be in place to catch any unwanted elements.

Design and Maintenance

Because having a good strainer is so important, it is a good idea to make sure you have the right kind. Depending on the application, normally strainers with smaller holes are functionally better than larger ones because the smaller holes can catch smaller pieces of sediment, which ensures less debris enters the system which will affect the efficiency.

Whichever kind of strainer you decide to use, it is essential that you take care of it by cleaning it out regularly. Usually once a week is a good routine to get into when cleaning a strainer, this would also apply to a pool pump.

The Power of the Strainer

While a strainer is a simple addition to any type of pump, it is an essential component that keeps the whole system running smoothly. It prevents foreign particles from contaminating what you are pumping and helps keep the pipes clean and flowing smoothly.

Weekly maintenance is key for making sure this device keeps your quality pump great for a long time. For more information on our pumps and their components, call 1300 922 973.