Why Some Pumps Need Filters

If you use pumps for most applications in Australia, you never have to think of using a filter. However, there are some pump varieties that need filters to function correctly. Here are a few situations where you need a filter.

Vacuum Pump Air Filters

Vacuum pumps and blowers that compress or process air to create a vacuum require the air to be filtered. The filters remove the solid particles in the air that can contaminate other parts of the pump. Contamination of the pump can result in pump failure or total damage to the pump. At the very least, it will affect the efficiency, wear, tear and ultimately the life of the pump.

Pumps Filter

We go all the way to Italy for our filters. They are made by Filter Technics, a world-renowned brand which is “original equipment manufacturer” (OEM) for most vacuum pumps. Filter Technics filters are designed to perfectly match all OEM specifications on all high-quality vacuum pumps from a host of global manufacturers.

Oil Separators

Pumps that use oil as an internal lubricator need a filter called an oil separator. Oil separators remove particles from oil. They also separate the oil from the air in the pump. This allows for the pump to discharge the air and recirculate the oil. We also go to Filter Technics for our oil separators. As with air filters, they are OEM on virtually every high quality pump around the world.

Complete Filters

Some vacuum pumps use a setup which involves filter cartridges inside a housing. These are called “complete filters.” These are usually used for more powerful vacuum pumps with air flows up to 4.000 m3/h.

Filter Technics provides a wide range of complete filters and are OEM for most high quality vacuum pumps.

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