Quick Guide to Pumping from Shallow Streams

Pumping a Shallow StreamWhen pumping, it is sometimes necessary to draw water from a shallow source, such as a small stream. In these cases, it can be difficult to successfully uptake the water because there is not enough depth to lay the pump into without causing difficulties. With the right techniques however, this process can be made much easier and run more efficiently.

Level and Depth

In any kind of water pumping project, the pump must be at a certain depth into the water for it to run effectively. It should be submerged at just the right level, usually a mid-level, where it is not too close to either the surface or the bottom of the body of water. This way, it does not collect sediment from the bottom or cause a vortex at the top that will create problems for the pump.

The pump should be above the bottom by at least half of the diameter of the pipe and it must be submerged at a similar correlation. The problem comes in when there is not enough depth to the body of water to allow for these specifications, in which case, special techniques must be employed.

Different Arrangements

To allow your pump to draw water from a shallow stream, you will need to use different techniques. One such is to create a small well that deepens the bed of the stream, thus giving you more room. Another technique involves placing a cover just above the intake to prevent it from drawing in air and creating a vortex.

You can also position the pump deep into the stream bed and place a filter around it to prevent sediment from getting sucked in. Some create a well adjacent to the stream and filter water into it, but these methods can be more costly.

Shallow Thinking

Pumping water from a shallow stream can be frustrating if you do not employ the right techniques. The pump has to be placed at just the right point to avoid complications but shallow bodies of water sometimes hinder this. Under such circumstances, altering the landscape around the stream to allow filtration or using additional devices can help you get around the process.

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