How are You Sealing Your Slurry Pump?

The kind of seal you use for your slurry pump will depend upon whether the pump is a centrifugal pump or a peristaltic pump. It will also depend upon the fluid to solid ratio and the regulations that govern your treatment and transport of slurry.

Eliminate the Negatives

When choosing a sealing method for your slurry pump, we recommend that you consider four factors: seal life cycles, equipment design, budget and slurry characteristics. While considering these areas, identify any piece of equipment that is going to cost too much money to seal and consider replacing it first. Continue using this rationale when evaluating all equipment or protocols. If they are inefficient and costly, get rid of them.

Sealing Your Slurry Pump

Slurry Classification


Newtonian or settling slurry has properties more like fluid. It has a high fluid to solid ratio. It flows a lot better and is easier to transport. It settles particles out faster and has more water for cooling and lubricating the pump.


Non-Newtonian or non-settling slurry has properties more like solids because they have a high solid to fluid ratio. It doesn’t settle particles as easily and has less water available for cooling and lubrication.

Sealing Solutions

Since slurry equipment is large, most can be fitted with split sealing solutions which can save time, money and labour hours. Split mechanical seals can be combined with heavy-duty, non-split flushless cartridge seals, environmental controllers or, in the case of harsh, abrasive slurry, high strength mechanical packing.

Generally, the highest performance is obtained by using a mechanical seal design in which the springs are all outside the seal. Slurry migrates across seal faces and can collect there. When the springs are outside the seal, they are unaffected by migration and can continue to deliver full power.

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