Submersible Pumps: Not Just for Flooded Homes

Submersible pumps are one of the most popular pumps in the domestic market but they are also extremely versatile and popular for many industrial applications. Submersible pumps are so named because they are hermetically sealed in their casing and are then submerged in the fluid they are pumping.

Two of the most defining characteristics of these pumps are that they aren’t prone to cavitation and that they push water instead of pulling it.

Applications for Submersible Pumps

There are numerous industrial and commercial applications for submersible pumps. Single stage submersible pumps are used for sewage pumping, drainage, slurry pumping, pond filters and general industrial pumping.

Submersible Pumps Applications

Multi-stage submersible pumps are often lowered to the water source through a borehole and are used for oil wells, water wells, in addition to water extraction from industrial, municipal, commercial and residential sites.

Tsurumi, Grundfos and Lowara Submersible Pumps

As you may know, we import only the finest pumps into Australia. We are picky because we know downtime can cost you thousands and even millions of dollars, depending upon the application and industry. Usually, one pump manufacturer stands head and shoulders above all the rest for any given variety of pump.

With submersible pumps, however, we proudly import three exceptional brands: Tsurumi, Grundfos and Lowara.

We break our categories down into five basic types: dewatering pumps, sewerage pumps, slurry pumps, aeration pumps and bar screens.

Best Importer of Pumps in Australia

At Pump Solutions Australasia, we do everything we can possibly do to ensure that we provide the best pumps and the best customer service in Australia. It is no accident that our list of manufacturers reads like a “who’s who” of global pump manufacturers.

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